17: A Day With Navya

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"God has
already lined up
all the people in your path
to get to your dreams
and your visions,
all you have to do is
get rid of the wrong ones"
-Steve Harvey

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"Come on, let's gooo, hurry up our bio teacher is very sweeet! "She chimes already rushing past me towards the door as my so called classmates were going through, some standing like a blockage at the entrance talking to their friends, a boy head with his back hunched probably wanting to blend in and escape people's prying eyes, then those nasty attitudes, overconfidents who are actually not so confident type and many more.

I get up taking in my classmates but trying to keep an eye on her so I'd not loose her.

Next period's biology..... She said the teacher is sweet.. But I think she's sweeter than that still unknown bio teacher...


Think it suits her dude?

Yeah... I think it does..

" hey! " her voice rings as she calls waving her hand in front of me and when I finally seem to notice, she rolls her eyes. As if remembering something a small smile plasters on her beautiful face, her cheeks tinging red slightly.

I wish I knew what she is thinking right now?

The slight pat on my arm brings me back from my 'I wish's' watching as she turns around walking further into the swarm of students, increasing my pace a bit I catch up with her.

" Weren't you the one who hit the locker and fell down"she asks pulling her lips in to stop from smiling as we reach her locker.

"Ahh.... Yes it was.... Me" I say scratching the back of my neck.

"Already falling for me? " she says and giggles. I look at her wide eyed surprised, she points at the locker beside her which read the same thing. I stare at it a bit longer wanting to give her some privacy as fumbles with things inside, like God knows what all they keep inside I never had a locker back in Mumbai, I heard people keep extra inner wears and stuffs... Like ugh... Wasn't it made to keep your books and stationery stuffs I guess?

"Sorry , I got a bit carried away I guess" she says her voice barely heard over the chaos of rushing students here and there, finally closing her locker.

"Nope, I like this side of yours" I say smirking at her. Raising her head surprised she scans my face before it lands on my smirk, red coating her cheeks.

Oh God so freaking beautiful and expressive.

She turns cutting my stare on her face and starts walking a bit quickly probably flustered and I chuckle shaking my head enjoying it.

She sneakily looks over her shoulder at me, I wriggle my eyebrows at her.

"Stop it already! " she says with a pout. I had a sudden urge to pull cheeks. She looked so cute.

Cutie and a sweetie...

"Ayaz! Please" she says annoyingly poking my arm. Her cheeks were red. A 'please? ' what for?

"Did I say that aloud? " I ask to myself.

"Yes" she says laughing lightly, the remains of her blush still visible in a light hue.

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