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 ~Mitches POV~

Call of Duty was getting boring now.

"Anyone want to play a different game?" Adam looked at me like 'Yes plz'

"Yeah, Cod's getting boring," Jerome moaned. We gazed at eachother for atlease 5 minutes thinking of something to do, then Adam piped up "What about Hide n' Seek?"

Who cares if its made for little kids, that game is badass. "Hellz yeah!" Ty said, practiclly throwing his arms in the air. "Who's it?" I thought outloud.

"I vote Jerome." Adam said bluntly.

"That's bull****!" Jerome said slamming his hands down and laughing. Adam, Ty and me ran off screaming jokingly.

My hands squeaked as I pulled myself up the banister, Ty ran infront of me into my parents room, I dashed into my room, into my closet and silently closed the door infront of me. I had no idea where Adam was.

I slid down behind my laundry basket and waited.

Moments later I heard Jerome scream "FOUND YA TY!" and the banging of foam. I think he got my foam sword and started chopping.

Within moments he was in my room "I know your here, biggums..." Jerome said.

Blast of light and chopping. I was caught

~Mr. Adam's POV~

I ran downstairs nearly tripping on Mitch's old toys.

I threw open the toy box, jumped inside and nearly slammed it again on my fingers. Jerome had to have heard me, I mean com'on, he's a bacca after all.

I don't think he did though.

Within 5 minutes I heard Ty and Jerome scream jokingly and what sounded like rubber.

What the hell was that rubber thing?

More rubber noises. I think he got Mitch, too.

After, all I could hear was laughing and foot steps, with the occasinal rubber noise again and again. I think they found me out though, "We haven't checked the toy room yet," Mitch said, bounding down the stair, it stopped for a second, I think he tripped on one of his old toys too. Thats what you get for leaving your toys around.

I left some newspaper in the way of the cover so I could have a "Watch hole" All of a sudden, Jerome eye met with mine.

"Found ya, buddy." Jerome said like he was about to kill me. He threw up the cover and started beating me with a foam sword.

So thats what was making the noise.

~Ty's POV~

We finnally got Adam. He had a good spot though.

Mitch yelled out "Y'KNOW WHAT WE SHOULD PLAY?!"

"What." Adam said, without even making it a question.

"TRUTH OR DARE." Mitch and Jerome said, surprisingly girly and almost in unision.

This could be fun. Or disastoris.

Make your choice.


I know I said this chapter would have truth in it.

But I wanted to build.

Come at me.

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