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Hey guys!

This book is going to be about Kara. Damon's daughter.

All the pictures, and gifs I use, are not mine. They are owned by their respective owners. I use WeHeartIt for all the gifs and pictures.

No copying my book. Please respect that, I have worked on these books, like any other author. (Okay maybe not years, but you get my point.)

No hate as well. I haven't been getting on any of my books, except the Badboy series, and I don't want any on this series as well.

This is a short story. Only 14 chapters.
I am letting you know in advance, because I don't want people commenting, that they are disappointed that my books end to quickly.
[This book will include book 3 and book 4, as these are short books]

Keep in mind guys, that this is only the first draft.
Everything I post on wattpad is only a draft.
Once I start editing my books, they will be completed edited, along with better description.

Being honest, I'm terrible at describing things, that's the whole reason why I tend to use pictures to show what I mean.

Other than that, make sure you leave a comment and a vote, letting me know what you think of the chapters!

Start- Sunday 2nd October 2016

Finish- /


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