11:11P.M Poltergeist Problems

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I have never experienced a ghost in my life until last year. I'm only 14 now and I'll tell you, once I made a mistake. The presence of evil never leaves me when I'm alone at my house. My friend and I love to joke around when it comes to ghosts. He has an ouija board that worked for us. It didn't tell us much, except there are ghosts in my friend's house and there are 3: One regular, two poltergeists. They don't torment us, but when I spend the night, they like to show up as white figures around 2:00 AM. Enough about that though.

The thing that really hurt me was the one question: Do you know how I can summon spirits in my house? He told me he heard from somewhere (I can't remember) that you can bring a poltergeist easily by hanging a sheet of paper over your bed at night with three words written on it: Knife, blood, fear. Being as skeptical as I am, I tried it. That was mistake #1.

11:11 PM: I was waken by a loud scratching noise. I thought nothing of it and looked out the window to see the tree. It was still, no wind. It sounded like crumpling paper and deep breathing coming from right above me. Frozen in fear, I now had to think fast. I rushed to the door, despite my brother, and flicked on the lights. A black shadow in the shape of a torso and head, the rest blurred, was right over where I was sleeping. Scared, I cursed it and yelled for it to leave. I prayed as hard as I could to God to make it leave. I left the room and got some water.

After I shook it off, kind of, I went back upstairs. The lights flicked on and off four times. Then I heard a faint laugh and it was over. Now, every day for a year I will be woken up at 11:11pm with chills and I feel a great evil presence with me. I've learned my lesson now I want that thing out. It has also shown itself a couple of times over the year (last time being a week ago) in mirrors or the TV reflection.

I told my parents about this and they say I have an overactive imagination and need to settle down. I know one thing about this: I didn't think it up!


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