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                                                A PIRATES KISS: SUNKEN TREASURES

Prologue - A Lengthly Explanation

(Circe's P.O.V)

"How can you be here?" I sobbed, clutching at his shoulder. "I've missed you so much."

Nathaniel pulled me closer to him, his strong arms shielding me from the world. "Shhh Cissy, everything is okay. It's okay." His hands ran up and down my back in soothing patterns and I breathed in his smell that brought forward all of the memories from home. 

Taking a deep shuddering breath, I drew back from him the tiniest amount, allowing one of his hands to come around to wipe the tears from my cheeks. 

Still holding him tightly, I turned my face to the side so that I could see the beautiful woman that had been watching the scene for the past ten minutes. Realizing that I was acting rather improperly in the presence of Royalty, I had the good grace to be ashamed and I dipped my head, murmuring an apology as I did so.

To my surprise, she waved a hand nonchalantly at me, a ghost of a smile fluttering over her pale pink lips. 

"It is no bother," She said. Her voice was gentle, yet carried with the power of a Queen and the harmonious tone rang like bells though the quiet room. 

I pulled back a little more from Nathaniel, noting that everyone in this Kingdom seemed to have pale skin and white hair. The two guards that I hadn't noticed before, stood silently behind their Queen, there faces impassive, their clothes made of the same strange blue material that Zalas wore. They too seemed to be washed completely of any color other than white but at the same time I noticed that their pale skin was slightly more flushed, their white hair just a shade darker than those of the royals.

The Queen must have noticed the direction of my gaze for when she next spoke, it was to answer the question that was running through my mind.

"You are wondering why we are so fair skinned are you not?"

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