Author's Note (Or "How to Not Get Muted")

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Welcome! My name is Ansela. I hope you enjoy this book Control.

Before you start, please let me be clear on a few things. While I encourage reader feedback and engaging in respectful conversation with other readers, there are certain kinds of behavior I won't allow.

I reserve the right to mute anyone who

... suggests (even politely) that the point of view of the story should be first-person or whatever other POV they want to read. This story will be written in third-person limited.

... makes racist, sexist or homophobic comments. Anyone who uses the N-word or any other racially derogatory terms will be muted. Anyone who posts a comment asking what the N-word is will be also be muted. I will mute anyone who makes sl*t-shaming remarks, like calling a woman a wh*re/b*tch/sl*t/etc.

... promotes hate/violence against women, LGBT, or people from any other marginalized group.

... trolls anybody, including me. Rudeness and fighting will not be allowed.

... argues with me on any of the points I've laid out in this Author's Note. I will accept feedback on my story only, and this Note is not part of the story.

This book is not for everyone.

I don't want to waste readers' time - there are so many books out there and so little time to read them - so I'm laying this out so we can all manage our expectations. As a reader, you are the best person to decide what story is right for you. I would like to help, so


... if reading about sex makes you uncomfortable. This story contains sex scenes. The sex scenes in this story are neither explicit nor graphic, but they are there. If I take them out, the story will make no sense. If you are a virgin who does not understand sex, please refrain from commenting on the sex scenes. If you are a virgin who would like to hold on to your, uh, innocence a bit longer (I totally respect that), please stay away from this story. Of course it's totally fine if you don't like reading or thinking about sex. (Sex is a part of life, but it's not everything.) So if this is the case, I suggest you don't read this book.

... if you believe that men and/or women should be having sex only under certain conditions that are decided upon by your religion or political beliefs or whatever. You're just going to get upset, so stay away. 

... if you don't like third-person POV. I understand if you have difficulty reading third-person POV stories, in which case, there are lots of other great books on Wattpad written in first person. Please read those.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

You are not allowed to copy any part of this story and reposting it here on Wattpad or elsewhere, whether or not you're passing it off as your own. Yes, it's quite ridiculous that I have to actually remind you that piracy and plagiarism are both wrong, but here we are.

Thanks for checking out this story! I hope you enjoy it. Please read on.

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