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This Story is about how Stiles find out that he is Derek's Mate. It's basically a lot of romantic Fluff, Disaster and Pack Stuff.

The Story is set at the same time like season 3 A, but Erica and Boyd never run away and never get into the hands of the alpha pack. It's kind of a Season 3 A AU, but with many changes.

A lovely person from AO3 is now my Beta-Reader, but she just started, so it will take some time to make this story better written.

All the other pics in the story aren't mine. You will find the links always at the beginning of a chapter. (I like Pic's, but be warned the most of them are probably just cute and are not really connected to the story)

I also don't own Teen Wolf or most of the characters I use.

You can also read this story (and many other stories) at Archive of our own (I have another account there). The title is the same and the user name is: Juki_Makiko

The link is:

And because some people care: all the Chapters are around 1000 (800-1300) words long

The whole story contains nearly 30 000 words.

The Sequel:

I want to check "Becoming a Mate"; for Grammar Mistakes and make it easier to read for future readers. I will also put more thought to that in the Sequel, so it will take me longer to update, but the chapters will be better written!

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