How I met Mr J.

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Harley PoV

So you have heard the story before about how I was an intern and he was my patient. There are some bits you didn't hear about. And you don't know how I felt during it all.
As i walked up to the gates of  Arkham asylum for the very first time I couldn't of imagined how it would end.
I was welcomed at the front desk by a girl called Lucy. She had brown hair that came down to her chest.
"Hey you much be the intern who's writing a book? Harleen Quinzel?"
I was getting nervous. I managed to nod."Yeah that's me."
"Ok go on through." she reached under the desk and I heard a buzz then a door unlocked.
I walked through the door and was greeted by a female doctor with black shoulder length hair. I can't remember her name. She gave me a white coat and a name badge I put them both on.
We began to walk down the corridor towards all the patients. She asked me about my book. Just before we walked through the door she turned to me and began to give me a warning. "Before we enter I must warn you choose your criminal carefully. These are the most messed up mind of this day and age. You can write about any one, but maybe avoid the joker. He is dangerous. He his damaged and deranged."
This intrigued me. I wanted to talk to him but I had to pretend I took her warning. " ok I will keep that in mind."
We began to walk down by all the glass cells. They a had three walls and the front was glass. Except one. One was all glass no walls. I couldn't see who was in it though. I asked her who was in this cell and she explained to me how this was the jokers cell and how he had to have all glass Incase he hid stuff in the walls. He had done it before. He would do it again.
I walked up to the glass and noticed him laying on the bed. He looked amazing. His green hair and his cheekbones. Then I noticed his shirt was undone. He had a stomach that looked like it was made out of rock. "Are you sure I can't pick him?" I asked her curiously.
"Well you can. If you wish just be careful."
I asked to speak to him. I asked for a clipboard, paper and a pen. I was taken into a little stationary cupboard. I collected my stuff and they took me to a room. I entered to find him sat in a chair in a straight jacket. All I could think about was how much I wanted to kiss him. I had to ignore it I had to be professional.
"So what turned you crazy Mr J? I mean joker." I quickly corrected myself and I began to blush.
"Awe you can call Mr J if you wish baby. But I must ask. What is your name sweetheart?"
I paused for a minute his voice was so posh and proper. He spoke like a proper gentleman. "Harleen quinzel." I said my voice trembling at his presence. "That's a pretty name. Do your friends call you Harley?"
I started to think. "I don't have many friends." I said hanging my head.
"Well Harley. You got one now."
I felt butterflies in my stomach. I just wanted to climb on top of him and kiss him. He wouldn't want to kiss me. Why would a man like that want to kiss me.
"Mr J I'm glad we are friends. Does that mean you could tell me about yourself?" I looked at him up and down figuring him out. Trying to think about how much damage he could do to a man.
"I guess I could. In time." He smiled. You could see the insanity in his eyes. Especially when he smiled like that.
"But puddin'." I begged him. In a whimpery voice I had never heard come out my mouth before. What had this man done to me.
"I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me."
"It's ok sweetheart. I liked it. It made me feel closer to you." I loved the way he spoke. Slightly posh and punctuated. He very clearly pronounced his T's.
"Well Mr J. Tell me about your childhood." Returning to my job.
"Well my dad beat me you see. For everything. I had never seen him happy. We'll never as happy as the time we went to the circus. The clowns made him laugh. When the had the trousers round their ankles. He laughed so hard I thought he would pull a muscle. So when we got home the next day I ran up to him and pulled my trousers down. He looked at me. Smack! He hit me. I cried. That's the sad truth about comedy. You always taking hits from people who just don't get the joke. Like batman. He never got the joke."
I felt sympathy for him. My heart sank at his tale. Then I realised . It's batman's fault my puddin was in there. It's all his fault.
"He'll pay puddin. I'll make sure he pays."
He smiled "thanks sweetheart "
"TIMES UP." I heard a guard shout from outside. I got up and walked out professionally. Just before I opened the door I turned to him smiled and said. " see ya puddin." And blew him a kiss. He blew one back and I walked out the door with my best poker face on. As soon as I was alone in the corridor a smile spread across my face. In one session he made me fall head over heels for him. My puddin called me sweetheart. Mr J called me babe. I loved him already. But because of batman we couldn't be together. He would pay for putting my puddin' behind bars. As I walked home I looked down an alley to see none other than batman. I was filled with rage. "You must be Harleen" he said.
"How do you know?" He talks about you." I was curious was he on about my puddin?
"Who does batman. And by the way I admire you work putting him away like that good job."
He looked at me and walked forward.
"Don't lie to me Harleen. I know you love him. I'll be watching you." Then he was gone.
I carried on walking home. I walked in grabbed a bowl of cereal as I didn't want to cook and sat down on the sofa. The last thing I remember is putting my bowl down on the table and thinking of him. I must of fell asleep thinking about him.

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