"No, no sis. Even though I love you, this game is my life, so no violence with it." Jake caressed it as if it was a small baby to cradle. Boys and their games...Include me too as I also love games. Except when some random shit slaps me.

"I didn't know that the girl was programmed to slap me!"

That was enough to make him start laughing again. It is so contagious. I myself couldn't help laughing at my idiot luck. I looked at how carefree he looked right now. The same way he used to be when we were kids.

My brother is the heartthrob of the city. Every single girl around here has a crush on him. Even the old lady who lives in front of my house drools over him. Well, there's nothing to hate him. He has those brown silky hair that keeps falling on his forehead, greenish-blue eyes and white toned skin. If someone was to touch him, he will totally be confused if it was a baby's skin. Being the CEO of the leading Clove Enterprises is like a lottery accompanying him.

Not to brag but being his little sister, I almost have the same features. Except I have strawberry blonde hair.

I took off my smile and threw a pillow at his face which he readily caught. His contagious smile can go to butthole right now.

"Stop laughing otherwise your game will soon be going on a voyage to Treasure Island." I threatened him by managing my best glare but I am sure he ignored it too well.

"But there's no Treasure Island in real." He said with a victory. Ha! Is he really underestimating his darling sis?

"Exactly." He looked at me with his confused eyes when at last it struck his jelly mind about my intentions of throwing the game. Caught Ya! He snapped out from the couch and jumped on the bed to save his dear game.

"You kidnapper! No scratch it. You game napper! What has my game ever done anything to you huh?" He rolled over the smooth bedsheets and was outside in no time. I ran after him. We reached the playroom and literally rounded the pool table thrice before he took off and reached the end of the floor where the stairs were. " You are really a sore loser sis." He mocked me and slid down the stair railing. I had no air left in my lungs and was probably going to faint by all this chasing.Damn! Why am I so tired? He was already on the ground floor, showing his butt to me while I glared at him from the second floor. Why the hell does he need to work out every morning?

"It slapped me." I pointed out even though I knew in no way was I going to get that game from him. He will readily kill me the same way he had killed that black uniform police officer. Yup. He was lucky enough to get a Ferrari out of nowhere and win like a jackass thief. He's so lucky that I let him win this time. Next time I will definitely win the game and make sure to kill that babydoll and her bike.

Jake just glared at me which at last got boring. I wore my Micky slippers and made my way down the kitchen. I was really hungry and the game did add to the tiredness. We had an underground kitchen which was as big as a whole party hall. It has a circular entry hole through which we need to climb down. Reason being that it will feel as if we are Alice going to some wonderland. Typical Disney Jake. He is just too much of a foodie to keep the whole food market inside our house. On top of it, he was really protective of it so a special password protected glass wall was installed three years ago. Put in the password and the glass wall to automatically open up and a ladder will come out to guide you down. And this is my Techie Jake.

I fished out the refrigerator and found my favorite Choco-chip ice cream. I prepared the special chocolate syrup which I had learned from my best friend Daniel. He is a real darling in the kitchen, both of his parents being the owners of the biggest chain of restaurants in our city. Just wait till you taste the phenomenal ' Heaven Cake' which Daniel and I invented ourselves. Even if I did nothing other than writing the recipe in calligraphy but it still counts, right?

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