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I kept driving the stupid jeep I had stolen a while ago from a lanky old man. Only the front glass was in a better state compared to the other parts of the vehicle. Every inch had got scratches or bumps, the sole reason being my awesome driving and the way thousand times I had crashed into other cars or bikes. All in all, it was a total disaster. In my defense, it was all the mistake of other cars who didn't care to move away from seeing a badass car at full speed, running for life. I mean seriously, move out of the way idiots!

I looked in the side view mirror and saw police vans near enough to catch hold of me. Shoot! I need to change my vehicle or this whole mission will fail. I can't let this happen. Not when I have come this far. Do something, Kate!

I crisscrossed through different alleys to confuse them but damn they are just too smart. Especially the policeman in black uniform who is barking orders in his earpiece, loud enough that I couldn't even hear the background music playing. God knows what he is saying. I wish his van just ends into a ditch consisting of a big anaconda which will swallow him up in a single gulp. A cobra would also do.

Finally, when I realize that I am out of reach, I turn off the engine and leap out of the jeep. Smoke is coming from every single edge. Damn it! Its condition is far more miserable than mine. Well, the thing deserved it. I was obviously more keen on stealing the awesome sedan but it was the old man who stopped in front of me. Only if that policeman had paused enough to let me get the better car, this stupid delivery would have reached safe hands far earlier.

A thought must be banging on your mind that surely there must be more cars around somewhere. Wrong. Not a single vehicle. There is not even a bird I could fly on. Where the hell has every single transport gone when I really need it? I look around and there she is, a bike parked at the entrance of an alley. The owner is a brown haired girl with equal to non-existing eyes. She is wearing a pink bikini with white polka dots and blue denim shorts underneath. Yucks! Who drives a bike in that especially when its snowing right above her head?? By looking at her physique, it won't be hard for even a chipmunk to straddle her down and steal away the bike.

I quickly run towards her and pull hard on her hand. Everything is worked out in my mind. I will steal this bike and run away to the secret spot where Boss is waiting for me to handle the delivery and tada! I will win!

It's already past the time when I was to complete the mission but who cares? It's okay if I don't get a bloody tip. I have the dignity which other thieves don't, which is the main reason I don't take a tip. It feels as you just got a 'pity reward'. The boss can do whatever the hell he wants. At least he doesn't have to straddle a china piece.

It was only a matter of seconds if the girl obeyed me and left. But what she did next was totally out of my mind. She slapped me! She slapped The Kate Clove! No one has reached that extent. Maybe that's a lie but no one gets to slap me. That bloody daughter of blind goose! She left with the bike without giving me another glance. I was so shocked that I couldn't move. Not even when the policeman yanked me into the van.

Jake was laughing all over the ground like a maniac. Bunnyhead. It's so embarrassing to get slapped in front of your own old brother that too by a lame pink bikini girl! Arghh!! I so wish that the girl gets slapped by her own bike. I couldn't even manage to look at his laughing figure. Yeah. Too funny, isn't it?

WASTED! flashed on the big theater screen making me realize that I had again lost the game. Not again! I pounded my head on the table beside me only to stop when it started stinging. The option Retry came up on the screen, boiling my anger to the core of my brain. It was the fifteenth time I was trying this stupid game and was still unsuccessful. I would have been a less sore loser hadn't it been for that Japanese doll slapping me. I was about to throw the handset at the screen when suddenly it was snatched away from me.

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