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Chapter Three- River Flows In You

I awoke to the pattering of rain hitting the window obnoxiously, slightly surprised that it wasn’t snowing. I pulled my long sleeved shirt over my hands and sat up running my hand through my hair. I hate that feeling when you have slept for far too long.

Then upon realizing the date, I lazily through the covers over me onto a sleeping Timber, and walked over to my phone that was resting on the desk.

I yawned, while flipping my phone open expecting a missed phone call, or at least a text. There was no new message, and no new text. I sighed, my shoulders slumping…Tom was just busy. He would call me later.

I walked down stairs and got myself a cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal, not wanting to deal with burning something. I reached over and grabbed Deathly Hallows, from the place I had left it on the counter last night. The premiere was in a few days and obviously I had to re read the book.

After a while though, and I can’t believe I’m thinking this, reading Harry Potter got boring. I was lonely. And I shouldn’t be lonely on today of all days. The rain had lightened to a drizzle and decided that I should go and check the mail now.

Not bothering to change out of my pajamas, or to put a coat on. I walked down the path from the front door and down to the mail box that was still slightly slanted from Demon slamming into it, on that drunken night.

The cold nipped at my barefooted feet as I tried to avoid walking on the ice that was forming on the concrete. I wrapped my arms tighter around me and quickly opened the mail box grabbing the mail and walking up the path way and back into the warm house.

I rubbed my hands together, warming them slightly, and walked back into the kitchen; looking through the mail.

There was more than usual, since most of the bills came electronically, because of them almost never being in this house. I shook my head letting the anger seep away before it got to me. It was mostly rubbish and junk until I came to a card that was addressed to me, in neat elegant script.

I quickly opened it revealing a flowery green card. There was some cheesy poem written on the front, and when I opened it was the simple saying of:

Happy Twenty Third Birthday!

Love, Julia and Andrew.

I smiled appreciatively. At least someone had remembered that today was in fact November seventeenth. As silly as it seemed, this one card made me feel a little less lonely and a little more excited to acknowledge the fact that it was my Birthday.

And what exactly am I planning on doing with my day? Watching movies? Hell yeah!

Of course my movie marathons always include a Harry Potter film…is that sad? No, I argued with myself, it isn’t. I decided to watch Half Blood Prince, but soon regretted it. Images of Emma and I’s last conversation pricked at my brain.

“Stop glaring at me! He is Just a friend!” I shouted, breaking under Emma’s hard glare/stare. We were driving home, after her very rude scene.

“Just a friend? Yeah right, there is so much chemistry there it isn’t even funny”

“What chemistry?” I brushed off her words.

“Oh please! Stop acting like you didn’t feel the sexual tension!”

I snorted “Sexual tension? Really Emma, like I have said a thousand times now. Blake. Is. Just. A. Friend.”

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