Dresden's eyes slowly moved back to Max at his poorly produced snort. "A very spiritual race." He was calm and collected. And deadly serious. "The Antarians were well connected to the universe, to nature, to the good."

He blinked and shifted his eyes away from Max and I. "But the greed and darkness of the royal families oddly enough seemed to be able to infect the regular Antarians. Like they were becoming infected with evil. We lost the connection to the universe. With that, we started to lose the connection to each other. Only through connections made through mating could Antarians occasionally feel real empathy and - what you on Earth call - love."

Max was feeling cheated. He had been told one thing; that his people were naturally disconnected from their feelings - except the most primal ones. Was it all a lie? Was it instead a cover-up to hide the true reason - the disconnection to the universe - that the Antarians had experienced?

"The ones that worked for the Royals - the military, for instance - were most badly afflicted. A darkness spread within them that started to change, generation by generation, not only their behavior but also their physical appearance. They started to look more and more like the Royals."

"To save the pureness - the good - of the Antarian race, scientist came up with a backup plan. Find a planet which could sustain our race, and essentially reboot our people. Start all over. Without the Royals."

He paused. The listeners were all frozen in silence.

"It took many years for our scientists to find Earth's solar system. When they did, all of the planets within your solar system were thoroughly investigated for the possibility of habitation. Due to the existence of water on Earth - enabling rich life - our scientists focused mostly on Earth. Of course, your planet was already inhabited by a vast variety of living creatures. And the creature that seemed eerily a lot like Antarians - especially in intelligence, behavior and culture - were the homo sapiens. The civilizations created by human beings were very similar to our own. Therefore, they..." Dresden cleared his throat, suddenly uncomfortable, "...'borrowed' humans to test for similarities."

Alien abductions, I thought, chills running down my spine.

"It was amazing how similar our internal systems were to those of human beings. Using genetic markers, we could adapt our bodies to imitate those of homo sapiens. This meant that humans could bear our children and human sperm could impregnate Antarian females."

Dresden paused, and I followed his gaze along with the encouraging lift of his eyebrow to Maria. Who once again had raised her hand.


Her eyes skipped around the circle for a second before she haltingly asked, "How is it possible that you look so much like humans if you are from a completely different solar system?"

"We don't look like humans," Dresden answered.

I pressed further back into Max's chest and his arms automatically tightened around me. Most of the time I could ignore the fact that Antarians actually didn't look like humans at all. That they were all hiding behind a manufactured front.

I had seen what they actually looked like. I had seen it when Sergeant had died. When I had killed Sean through the protective instinct of the connection. Now, with Dresden's information hanging in the air, I wondered if Sean and Steven Carter had looked more like Command in their true form, or more like the regular Antarian. Because I had started to understand that they were different. And considering that Sean and Steven were both raised in military, they were possibly more like Royals by the time of their death.

I saw Maria's face pale and as if on natural instinct she immediately searched out my eyes. Her eyes were glistening with fear and her lips were shaking, moving, as if she wanted to say something else. As if she needed to communicate something to me.

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