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38. Truths

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Much to Jay's dismay, I had decided to wear pants today. Black pants with what had become Jays favourite black shirt.

"Babe, please? You wore it the other day and no one knew."

"Yeah, until I found myself in the same room as Harper Ryan and had to strip down to my panties."

Jay laughed. "Shit, I forgot about that. What did she say?"

"That Damien likes her to wear them and she feels sexy when she does." I admitted with a shy smile.

"And don't they make you feel sexy?" He asked as he unclipped my bra and threw it on the bed, his hands coming around and rolling my nipples.

"Yes." I breathed.

"Then what's the problem babe?" He asked as his teeth pulled on my ear lobe, his warm breath on my neck.

He pulled my arms up and around his neck as I watched him in the mirror.

"Your tits are fucking beautiful Mia, I want to see them jewelled up, I want to see those little clamps over your nipples, I want to know that it's making your juices flow down your thighs." He whispered as he unzipped my pants and pushed them down over my hips, where they fell to my knees.

He reached back down and grabbed the waistband of my panties and lowered them.

"Look at your body Mia, look how beautiful you are." His fingers brushed against my clit and my hips jerked forward.

"I really think you should wear your black shirt and that sexy black skirt. Your pretty green pendant can hang on your chest and the others from your nipples. It drives me crazy as all fuck when I know you're wearing it."

My breath was ragged and my eyes were glassy as I listened and watched.

"You won't need panties either babe, not if you want me to reach under your skirt and play with you during lunch."

"Oh god." I moaned and at that Jay smirked. He knew he had won me over.

He ran his hands over my body, carefully avoiding my intimate areas until I was begging him to touch me.

"Are you going to be a naughty girl?" He asked and I cried out that I would always be his naughty girl, if he just fucking touched me.

"You don't play fair." I pouted as I looked at the minimal clothes laid out on the bed.

"Oh but I do baby, come here."

I took the 2 steps to where he was and looked up to meet his eyes. His thumb brushed over my bottom lip as he watched.

"The next time I see you pout like that will be when your pretty lips are wrapped around my dick."

I drew in a breath and clenched my thighs as he smirked.

"Legs open babe, let me see what just happened."

He rubbed his fingers between my legs and smiled as he felt the wetness there. He brought his hand up and wiped his fingers over my lips before kissing me, his tongue flicking out to taste me.

"Let me help you dress." He whispered as he reached for my necklace, my breath coming out in short bursts each time he touched me.

"Where's the rest?" He asked, knowing I would know what he meant.

"Top drawer." The huskiness of my voice didn't go unnoticed.

He knelt before me and drew the elastic up my legs and I felt like I'd been shocked as he took his time to position my clit.

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