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Hey, reader! This book might not have that many reads, votes or comments when you start reading it even if it is complete. The reason behind it is that I published it on Wattpad only after completing it. So I will request that you don't judge the book with its number of likes or comments. This book actually might have something good to offer you.

Let's get down to the prologue, shall we? *you enter through the first page* Here is an excerpt from the book that you are gonna read-

" I ain't got whole day girl. Get hold of that gun and shoot him." He shouted from the other end of the room. It was just too dark to even see in what condition he was sitting in. If only there was a window to jump from but obviously this was worse than the Rapunzel's tower.

I was given the deadly weapon a few minutes ago but my hand was in no mood to raise and let the bullet just go through the handsome face standing before me. His eyes. The most beautiful and rare color anyone would have ever seen, pleaded me to end him. And I knew why. He still wanted to save me.

"You hate him, don't you? So get over with it and I promise everyone will be set free." Even though I have been wishing to hear those words for like an eternity, I no more wanted that freedom in terms of killing someone that was so near to me even though I never accepted it. Do I hate him enough to kill him? Do I hate him enough to get a revenge for everything he never did? No. The main question was, do I hate him at all?

"ENOUGH!" He shrieked from the corner which made my hands tremble with fear for what was to come next. Was he gonna kill both of us?Better me first because it is all my mistake. All mine.

"Let us make this a little easier. I will count till three and you will shoot him before the countdown gets over. Okay?" Not a question at all. I rose my trembling hands and pressed the gun to his temple.

"1......2...-" he spoke in a sing-song voice as if we were playing a simple game of hide and seek. "And thr-"

Before he could speak the next word, the sound of a boom reverberated around the room. It was from my own gun.


Not that much of a detailed prologue but what's the point when you already know the main plot? To give a fair idea, it's going to be a humor-action-love book which is totally my own brain's idea. I hope you won't steal it or reuse it or post it somewhere else. I won't threaten you with the copyright lines but that's just because I trust you. No offense to other writers.

While reading the book you may realize that many things which occur here are far away from being in real but trust me, it does happen to some people. For eg: me. So if you are going to fight that it's totally not true or something like that, instead of fighting you back I will just advice you to read this paragraph again. It sure may seem like a fantasy tale at some point but come on! Won't it become non-fiction if something extraordinary does not happen here?

The main thing to clear off is that this book is not just the story of Katherine and Alec. It's the story of both of their gangs and some additional characters whom you will meet on your way. There will be many pranks followed throughout the book which should not be used in real life as they have already been used by me ;) Just kidding. But seriously, these pranks are not made for use. They are kept in the special edition and already reserved by me.

Don't be a silent reader. If you like it, then just vote and comment how you felt reading it.Excited? Me too!! Same pinch!! And not then....go to sleep;)...Just kidding! Everyone's got their opinions and I respect that.


So this is the end of the prologue and you are ready for the ride. Please put on your seatbelts and don't put your legs outside anytime. Do not feed the animals or the voices that you meet on the way. Hope you enjoy the ride!! Bye!

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