Chapter 42: Fangs and Fur

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The next day I went on a long run with Andrea in the morning. We would have taken Evangeline but she according to Evan 'felt like a wolf ate her brains, regurgitated them, then ate them again.' She definitely went a little too hard with the tequila.

After the run I showered off then headed straight for the pack house. I wasn't sure if Thomas would be there, but I would wait. I would wait because I was sure. After talking to Levi, I realized that he was right. All roads have led to here, and I don't plan on running away. I felt like I had a place here, like I could make a difference, and I wasn't going to let some abomidable twat scare me away.

The pack house was quiet, but I could hear some laughing as I walked in.

I felt him.

Ethan turned the corner right as Amber walking in from outside. "I was looking for you!" she called out with a sweet smile.

But his eyes were on mine. I let the bond twist because I wanted him to feel what this was doing to me, to us. I blinked and broke his gaze then went up the stairs before he could chase after me. Amber's laughter echoed on the wall of the stairs, stabbing me like a knife as it hit my ears.

I reached the top of the stairs and smelled around. Thomas was pretty easy to find, his scent was still dominant meaning he must be here or was just here. I walked around a corner and got to a big mahogany door that I politely knocked on.

"Come on in Thorne, I can smell you from in here," he called out.

I smiled as I pushed the door open. Thomas got up from his big wooden desk littered with paperwork crowded around a laptop and a few empty cups of coffee. Bookcases lined the room that had one big window that looked out over the valley; it was a beautiful view. There was a long couch on the side opposite the window, a small wooden settee with a red cushion, and two modest wooden chairs in front of his desk.

"Do you have a minute?"

He smiled and gave me a side hug. "Course Thorne, what can I do for you?"

I sat down in a chair as he sat in his desk chair. He looked over at me curiously, but behind his curiosity was amusement. I sighed and pushed my hair back behind my ears. "I want to join the pack."

He smiled warmly at me as his eyes lit up a little. "Well, that's great news! The ceremo–"

"No, today." He flickered his eyes to me as a knowing smiled tugged at his lips.

"This wouldn't have anything to do with my daughter and your mate?" Shit. I paled slightly as he started to chuckle and shake his head. "Charlotte listen, I may be her father, but even I know when my daughter has been quite out of line. I don't blame you one bit."

"Really?" I stared at him wide-eyed with an open mouth. My wolf couldn't pick her mouth off the floor either, she was both elated to hear this and curious as to why.

He nodded. "Listen, one day as a parent you'll understand. Sometimes your kids, although they have a good heart, can be well, little shits. When they are young it's easy to punish them and correct that behavior, but as an adult it's harder. Now I may be the alpha around here, but if she wants to go and misbehave then she'll find a way to do it, people always find a way to get the things they really want.

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