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Remember underlined is Greek.


After dinner, we all politely bid good night to Mrs and Mr Weasley while Ginny and Harry showed us to our rooms, 

"I hope you two sleep well, good night," Hazel smiled leaning against her door frame while pulling Annabeths curls as the Grey eyed girl spoke with Calypso. 

"You too, 'Night," Harry replied gently pulling a curious looking Ginny away with him. 

"Well, who's room are we sleeping in tonight?" Leo asked, normally I would've given him my 'just stop talking Leo' look but ever since the war all of us find that being together definitely helps with the nightmares, even Thalia would IM us if she couldn't sleep. That happens too often. 

"Let's stay in mine for the moment and when the Wesleys go to bed then we'll sleep by the fire, like bunker 9," Jason whispered in Greek while Ron and George waited in the hall for Ginny to get out of the bathroom. Annabeth quickly muttered,

"Let's get changed first," we all nodded quickly slipping through the twelve doors.

"Now where's my bag..." I muttered to myself looking under the bed, nope. 

"The wardrobe?" looked up and pulling open my wardrobe, there it is. I sighed starring the pink backpack my dad had gotten me when I was a little girl, after three seconds of looking I found my pyjamas and slipped them on before untangling my hair from the braid it was in.

"Pipes?" Hazels quite voice echoed through the quaint room that was still too large for any of us considering the amount of space you get in a cabin full of kids, well Percy, Jason, Reyna and Nico should be fine. 

"Mhm," I nodded turning towards the gold eyed girl who now stood in my door way,

"What if the kids a Hogwarts are like the ones back then," I sighed pulling on a strand of hair, 

"Hazel, I can't say they won't be, I don't know them, but what I can say is that no matter what, we'll be here for you. They can say and do what they want but we are not going to let that stand in our way, we're more than a thousand kilometers away from home and remember 'You call them nightmares we call them memories' to some people the life we're living could be just a dream to us it's real and we have to live the lucky lives we have because some people are starving, while we eat, someone is alone with no family, while we have one. You have to look on the bright side of things. We get to experience life from others shoes just be glad of that," She hugged me laughing while doing so, 

"You always know what to say, thanks," I gave her a warm smile, 

"You bet, now come on the others will be waiting," We walked through the now empty hall into the warmly lit room while everyone laughed and joked.

"Hey Piper, Hazel," Frank nodded in greeting to both of us while he tried to find a way out of organizing war games when he and Reyna get back to camp Jupiter. Annabeth and Percy were stating the pros and cons of making the Weasleys blue cookies, Percy was (surprisingly) winning. Thalia, Calypso and Nico were trying to make Will sad for some strange reason and Jason was quietly cleaning his glasses. 

"Well at least one of us is normal," I commented he just laughed, 

"Barley," Hazel smiled at his comment.

"Well maybe we're not supposed to be normal, if we were we would've all gone mad by now," true. 

"Alright everyone, grab a blanket and a pillow each, let's head downstairs," Annabeth spoke through the noise her arms full of fluffy blankets, I walked out of the room with Thalia who seemed to be acting less... Angry... lately but I guess watching the people you promised to protect die to a robot eyed Huntsman is quite unnerving.

After we had gathered up everything we needed we headed downstairs,the fire was still quietly crackling and there was enough room for us to sleep on the couches and floor if we squished. Leo and Calypso slept on the couch furthest from the stairs, Jason and I set up on the couch in the center facing the fire, Annabeth and Percy slept on the couch close to the stairs while Thalia, Reyna, Nico, Will, Frank and Hazel lay down on the carpet in front of the fire their faces golden with the light of the flames. 

"This makes me miss the simple days," Annabeth commented pulling her blanket away from Percy, 

"Yeah, when we weren't facing Thanatos (?) Every day," Frank muttered before turning into a pug which Hazel happily picked up. 

"Do you think we can ever be like that again?" Will asked trying to pull Thalia away from the flames before she burnt herself. 

"I think we can try... for everyone at camp and so that Calypso gets to meet the real us not flashback driven mental cases pretending to be Royalty," Leo muttered pulling his blanket over himself, 

"Goodnight," I said to the dark roof while everyone slowly settled, 



"Sleep well, hopefully, we all will," followed along with the people I am lucky to call family's steady breaths and with the glowing amber light next to me and a now bright future ahead of me I fell asleep.

Well, I'm tired, thanks for reading you are all awesome blue cookies! (::) (::) (::)