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luke hesitated to knock on the door, but he did it anyway. 

a women opened the door with a smile on her face, "hello, how may i help you?"

"where's michael?" luke asked, the women gave him a confused look.

"i don't know any michael, are you talking about the cliffords?" she asked. luke nodded his head, "well they just moved out yesterday," luke's heart broke.

"where did they move?" luke asked, trying to not cry in front of a stranger.

"i'm not 100% sure, but i heard his mother saying that they're moving to england."

a tear fell down luke's face, but he quickly wiped it with his wrist, "thank you," he mumbled, walking back to his house.

luke didn't want to say goodbye the michael. he started to fall for the boy. it hurt him inside that he would just leave luke like that, but maybe there was a reason because there's a reason for everything, luke thought.

more tears started to fall down his face as he was walking back to his house, he encountered his mom when he entered the home.

she knew that her son didn't like talking when he was crying, so all she did was put her arm around her son's shoulder and walked him over to the couch.

once he sat down, she kissed the top of his head and they sat there, not saying a word. she listened to her son trying to calm himself down.

l u k e
l u k e ' s  r o o m
3 : 2 5 P M

i just realized that not every story is going to have a happy ending. i just realized that not all friendships will last forever. i just realized that you don't always get the a significant other, even if you two like each other or not.

my thoughts were ruining me, my thoughts are the reasons why i always stay up all night, my thoughts are the reasons why i can never eat, my thoughts are the reasons why i can't act the way that i used to.

i never knew how much only one person can impact your life and your own person. i don't want to feel so weak, i don't want to feel like i'm not special, i don't want to feel like life is pointless. 

what i want to feel is happiness.

the end.

sorry for the horrible ending ! i'll post the epilogue tomorrow :)) i honestly love this book so much, it's so great and it was the FIRST book i've ever completed in my entire life.

i may not be a good writer, but i am allowed to be proud of my work.

love y'all sm <3


(also comment if u want a sequel bc i'm thinking of doing one)

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