Invocation - Lord Ganesha

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 Sanskrit sloka:Vakratunda Mahakaya

Surya Koti Samaprabha

Nirvighnam Kuru Mey Deva

Sarv Karyey Shu Sarvadha


You see, Little Ganapathi appears to be at a very big disadvantage to start with. He has a big pot belly and a big head and a short little body and a long trunk. Besides, His vehicle, or what he rides on, is a little rat. So, He knows, all about obstacles, all right. But with all these disadvantages, He has to use his head and develop a keep sense of discrimination to overcome them.

His Mother Parvathi and His Father Shiva decided that, just for fun, they would let their two sons race around the Universe. Now, Ganesha’s brother, Subramanyam had a peacock for a vehicle, and so little Subramanyam just jumped on its feathery back and away He went!

But what about poor Ganesha? What was He to do? He couldn’t possibly win. That rat was not going to be able to make very good time with potbellied Ganesha on him! So, Ganapathi used His head.

He smiled lovingly at His two parents; walked around them once and then touched their feet and sat down.

This is how Subramanyam found Him. He was flabbergasted! “How did you do it?!.” He exclaimed.

“Well,” said little Ganesha serenely, “Our Beloved Parents are the essence of the Universe, isn’t it?”

Subramanyam nodded his head slowly.

“Of course!  So I simply walked around our Mother and Father. They are the Universe to me!” Shiva and Parvathi smiled.

Ganesha won the prize.


[Narations like the letter below are by fictitious characters, although based on facts, presented in story form.]

Dear Reader,

Last month sometime after Shivaratri, a young man brought two books to my husband, Sada Shivanand, during his stay here in the ashram. The young man’s name was Frankie, and he told my husband that he had written the two books, “Sarva Dharma Tales of Sai Wonderlamd”, Part one and two, twenty years ago when he was about twelve. Now he wants to reprint the books but feels that they should be revised. The stories take place on this ashram so many years ago and there have been many changes.

My husband dropped the books into our daughter Bala’s lap saying it might be a good project for the summer months. Bala who is nine years old, studies at home and is keen to become a journalist, and so we agreed to take up the project.

We read the books all that day and decided upon a plan. Frankie’s Stories are very charming though they don’t teach much about the religions. So, we will keep the books as they are and add more information about the religions so the books can be used as teaching tools.

Later on my husband suggested that since the mission of this avatar is Unity of Faiths, BROTHERHOOD OF MAN AND FATHERHOOD OF GOD, we might include some lessons on the subject of compassion and tolerance which are dear to our Lord’s heart. We agreed.

Hoping that you will enjoy Frankie’s books. As well as our contributions,

Sri Mati Lalitha and Bala

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