Why you still mad?

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So amma start writing the continuation of the undercover assassin but no one giving me motivation ......

So guyz vote and comment I need opinions and ideas.

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Today my babies are coming home from their father who I haven't seen an year now, his mom just comes by from time to time pick them up to with him for a month or two then bring them back.

I finish cleaning then started making their favorite crushed Irish and egg's.

I started cutting the Irish when my phone started ringing.


"Hey I'm outside"

"Who's this "

"August "

"What August"

"Yeah with the kids, my mom not feeling good and I was in town so k decided to drop them off myself something's wrong"

"No no of course not, I'll be out there in a minute "

I turned the stove Down and went outside, when I got out there I saw Aug standing by his car with the kids standing By his feet. I don't know what came over me but I haven't seen or talk to this man a year now but I still love and miss him, so I ran an hugged him.

"I missed you babe "

Then I felt his arms rapt around me.

"I missed you more big head "

"You still mad at me " I eased off and asked him

"I'm not mad at you, just needed time "

"Yeah you got it but you still didn't come back"

"I couldn't I'm sorry and I've moved on gab"

At this point I felt stupid, I looked up at him as tears were about to fill my eye's but I held them back.

"Okay I understand, it was nice seeing you" I said then pick the kids up , placed them on my thighs then walked away

"Leave the bags out here I'll get them " I said

He took the bags out then drove off.

I sat the babies down. "Heyyyy mommy cupcakes , mommy missed you so much muffins, mommy gonna make you guys favorite " I said tickling them as they laughed

I stopped then went into the kitchen , wash my hands then continue cutting the Irish's .


Later that day ........

I was cleaning up faith when my phone starting ringing.


Hey kels

Hey boo

Guess who I saw today


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