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I watch Kota set up while I finish my birthday treat. "What are you planning on tutoring, Sang?" he asks.

"I can help in a lot of different subjects," I shrug non-noncommittally," I've dabbled quite a bit." I know that none if it would impress him, given the textbooks he has laid out before us.

"That's good. It will make you more versatile. Why don't you make a sign, and I'll go and clear it with the librarian." He hops up and dashes across the room before I can protest.

I snag one of the blank pages of scrap paper from the center of the table and write in bold lettering:


SUBJECTS OFFERED: Advanced Calculus; 2nd year Physics, Chemistry, and Biology; American and European Modern History; Ancient Civilizations; Japanese; English and Literature; Computer Programming/ Coding

I tri-fold the sign so that it will stand freely on the table and set it facing toward the center of the room. Kota plops down in the seat next to me and smiles. "It's all worked out. If anyone comes in looking for a tutor, they'll direct them to you." He picks up my advertisement and his eyes go a little wide. "You can teach all of this?" Before I can take offense to his tone, he continues, "That's great! What courses are you signed up for?"

I blush and look down at my hands. I don't want to lie to him, but can I outright admit that I don't actually attend here? He misreads my expression and frowns.

"Sorry. You don't have to answer any of that, but you can talk to me, you know?" I raise my gaze. "I make a halfway decent friend if you'll let me."

I open my mouth to come clean, but chicken out at the last second. "I need to see if they have extra textbooks in stock that I can borrow for tutoring. I'll be right back."

I dash away from him before he realizes that I'm lying. I pick up a variety of books at the counter and when I return, Kota has his nose buried in his work.


A little over an hour later, a girl with a short pixie cut sits down across from me and mutters, "Oh thank God!" I look up and offer her a timid smile. "You can help me with Chem? I've failed the last two tests, and if I don't pass this next one, my athletic scholarship could be in jeopardy!"

"Oh no," I sympathize. I'm afraid that we'll distract Kota from his work, so I move us over to the next table. "I'm Sang, by the way. Do you have your last tests? We can go over them and it will give me an idea of where to start."

She digs around in her bag for a minute and pulls out a blue binder. "I'm Karen," she offers. I take a look at her work and see that she has the general concepts down, but is struggling with the finer details. We go through it, step by step, and then I have her work through a few hypothetical labs with me. By the time our hour is up, she's completed two practice exams with at least an 80%.

"Sang," she hands me $10, "you are a lifesaver! Can we exchange numbers, so that I can call on you for help when I need it again?"

I shake my head, "Sorry, Karen, but I don't have a phone right now." I hope that this doesn't make me sound pathetic. "I plan on being in here most mornings, though, seven days a week. You can just come and find me if you need to." We shake hands and I do a little happy dance inside as another girl gets up from the table behind her and approaches.


1pm chimes from the campus clocktower as my third 'customer' pays me. I've already made $30! A hand touches my shoulder and I just about jump out of my skin.

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