Black out (SHORT!)

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I sat in a chair tied up with a blind fold on my face,making every thing dark of course.

Carrie:Take this shit off my face.

??:*takes it off*

Carrie:ERIC?! How the fuck did you get out of there?

Eric:*laughs* Bitch,i'm Eric. Now I've been nice and now I'm not you're gonna love me.

Carrie:Psh nigga Chris is my one and only now let me out of here damn.

Eric:*throws something on her*

Carrie:*blacks out*

I'm writing a lot today and especially tomorrow cause that's the last day of school for this week but this weekend we're driving to Chicago so while we're driving I'll try to write a lot and post it.😘

Chris mixtape doe. comment your favorite song off of it.

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