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"It's too late to cry. Too broken to move on."

               - A Drop In The Ocean, Ron Pope

"You were right Dr. Zola is on the train." I tell them. The train isn't too far away and I can hear his foul thoughts.

"Let's get going because they're moving like the devil." One of the commandos says as he watches the train through his binoculars.

Bucky holds out a handle for me to zip down on but I shake my head. "I got my own." I say holding up my staff.

"What do you think about late spring for our wedding date?" He asks while the rest of the soldiers prepare to zipline.

"Ooh, we could go to Romania for our honeymoon, it's perfect that time of the year?" I say pleadingly.

"Sounds like a plan." He smiles back.

"Come on guys," Steve rolls his eyes. "We're on a mission."

"We only got about a ten second window. You miss that, window. We're bugs on a windshield." Steve says. I nod and he zips down the line to the train.

Bucky goes after him then I place my staff over the line and grip it tightly. The winter snow is freezing against my skin and the wind makes me shudder. I release one of my hands from the staff and roll forward on the roof of the train.

I stay close behind Bucky and try to walk quickly without sliding off the icy rooftop. Steve reaches a ladder and crawls down and slides open one of the doors. Bucky and I follow him and I'm glad to finally away from the snow.

Since we're in a tight space I don't have enough room to have any use for my staff, so I sheath it and take out one of my spare guns.

Steve walks through a doorway and the door closes behind him. Bucky grabs my shoulder and shoves me behind a few crates lined up against the wall, while he shoots at someone. He backs up against the opposite wall but still fires his gun.

I peek out from the crates, a few Hydra soldiers are shooting at us, and Steve is somewhere off in another car. I shoot one of the soldiers and he goes down.

Bucky is firing his rifle without stopping and manages to get the rest, except for one. He ditches the rifle and pulls out a handgun. He steps out from hiding and walks across to me while shooting, and now out of ammo.

The door that locked on us opens back up and Steve is there hiding from view. He charges out and smashes his shield against one of the crates,it slides out and makes the soldier reveal himself to us to avoid being crushed.

But I'm ready for him and he's met with a bullet in the chest. "I had him on the ropes." I tell Steve.

"I know you did." He sighs.

"Get down!" One of them yells at me and I get shoved again to the ground. I get back up and Steve is on the ground, another Hydra soldier standing in the doorway with a very powerful ray.

I grab Steve's shield from the ground and try to help cover Bucky while he shoots at him. The bullets seem to have little to no impact and he fires at us again. The light is nearly blinding and the impact throws us from the car.

Somehow my hand latched onto Bucky's and we are hanging from the car, the only thing keeping us from dying was my one hand on a railing that was coming loose.

"Alex!" Bucky screamed. My head jerked down and he had both his hands locked around mine.

"Hold on!" I tell him, desperately trying to hold onto the rail.

"You have to let me go!" He screams back. "We'll both die if you don't!"

"No!" I cry. He looks at me with sad eyes. "Don't you dare!"

"I love you." He says before releasing his hands.

"NO!" I screamed in terror.

My mind goes into shock while I helplessly watch him fall down the snowy canyon. I look away and lean in the the car closing my eyes.

"Alex!" Steve is at the side of the car now and is reaching out for me. I wanna let go... part of me wants to die here, with Bucky.

The only thing keeping me from letting go is the fear in Steve's eyes. I reach out and he pulls me back into the car. He wraps his thick arms around me and I cry into his chest.

He's gone... He's really gone this time

AN: I'm literally about to cry :'(  and the song that goes with this doesn't help. 

This was so hard to write.

I'm not sure how many more chapters are left, maybe around five... Idk.

QOTD - Did I just punch you in the feels?

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