Blowing off steam

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They where back at Kevin's place, Double D was mostly calmed down.

"Hey, how'd you get the nickname Double D?" Kevin asked, doing his best to distract him from earliers events.

"What?" He murmured, his voice broke from the crying.

"Well, you weren't born with the name Double D, so how is it a nickname? Does it have a backstory?"

The younger nodded; "Me and... Ed have the... S-same name... So it was confusing... He had one d in his name... I had two D's in my name... So they... Called me d-double Dddd!" Tears started to trickle down his eyes again as he buried his face in Kevin's chest.

"That didn't work..." Kevin mumbled; "How about the hat? Why do you wear that hat everywhere all the time?" That question couldn't hurt... Right...? Right.

"W-well..." Double D took in a breath, calming himself down enough to talk; "It's my hair. I hate my hair."


"It's long and straight... No frizz or anything... It's creepy and awkward... So I wear the hat to cover it... And I thought of cutting it, I did one time even... I just looked like a fancy ass billionaire ((dick Grayson reference)), so... The hat covers up gods mistake... Excuse the language..."

"Gods mistake?!" Kevin buckled over, laughing. He felt like he was gonna piss his pants if he didn't calm down; "t-the curse is fine, I swear like all the time..." He giggles just a little more before forcing himself to stop.


"Well, I hate my hair..." He pouted, adorably.

"Fair enough..." Kevin smiled, pulling him down as he fell backwards onto his bed, Double D landing on top; "What are you doing?" He laughed, raising an eyebrow.

"Making out with you..." It was Kevin's turn to pout.


Double D was starting to not believe it was Kevin at this point, the giggles the pouting... I mean seriously... But he ignored it; "What? No... We can't... Not now, I'm in Destress!"

"Well, unstress! Now come on... Please... It will distract you..."

"Fine..." Their lips slammed together, tongues quickly joining the battle.

With Double D's lack of experience, Kevin easily won dominence.

Th flipped over, putting Kevin on top. He paused, unlatching his lips to settle ontop of the boy, a leg on head side of him, his crotch on top of Double D's. He smirked as the younger whimpered, wanting more attention from the redhead.

Their lips joined again, slobbery and messy. Double D wrapped his arms around Kevin's neck, pulling him oh so much closer... The bodies pressed together, heating each other up to an intense degree.

They parted for air, both of them panting, their faces flushed. They never had gone quite this far before in their make out sessions, though, to be honest, how much can you do in a bathroom stall while staying quite so nobody hears?

"Mhh- wait... No... Yes... Kevi- mph!" Double D gently pushed the elder up enough so their lips stopped touching; "We shouldn't do this... I'm underage... Your underage... It's reckless and we shouldn't be doing it..." Double D said before kissing Kevin again.

Boy, he's sure good at proswasion.

"Is there any age limit? It doesn't matter how old you are, and... If your not ready to loose your virginity to me now, you won't be able to ever!" Kevin reasoned as they parted again.

"I didn't mean that... It's just... I'm scared... Not of you, or anything like that... It's just... This relationship is so fresh... We haven't even decided if it is a relationship! We just... Make out... And I want something more then that, and I'm not wasting my one and only virginity for something if I can't be positive it will last! Please understand..."

"It's called a leap of faith baby..." They kissed again, Kevin quickly being pushed off again; "I'm serious!"

The redhead sat up, off Double D, thinking.

"I do hope I didn't hurt you..." He murmured.

"Double- Edd?"


"Will you... Um... Will you be my boyfriend...?" Kevin looked away nervously.

"Of course you babbling idiot!"

And then they kissed.

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