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"Ed! I- it's- we- shall-" Double D tried to say something, anything, but could only jumble out random words.

"Listen punk, tell a soul and your dead meat, go that?" Kevin punched his fist into his hand, making his knuckles crack as he approached the taller boy.

"I like meat..." Ed said, smiling warmly.

"You won't after the smackdown I'll give your ass..." Kevin growled.

"Kevin! Don't... Don't hurt Ed! We can turn this into something good!" Double D approached the smelly oaf, his blue eyes scared; "Ed, me and Kevin... Are... Well, you see, it's quite confusion, and hard to explain... We aren't dating and we're not-"

"Boyfriends!" Ed happily interrupted, clapping his hands, smiling ear to ear.

"No! We're not boyfriends! We're... Let's see... The slightest bit of friends, with an extraordinary amount of benefits! And I need you to listen carefully... Don't tell anyone..."

"Don't tell anyone what?" Eddy turned the corner, budding into their conversation.

"Double D and Kevin love each other!" Ed said.

Double D face palmed.

"Why you little-" Kevin reeled his fist back, aiming.

"Kevin!" Double D grabbed his wrist, pulling his arm down; "No hitting my friends! We've talked about this!"

The elder sighed, mumbling under his breath.

"Woah woah woah, sock head and shovel chin can't have the hots for each other, they hate each Other!" Eddy said, shaking his head in disbelief.

"Why, Eddy, don't jump to such conclusions, me and Kevin don't hate each other, sure we have had our differences, but really he hates you more then me, probably because I don't constantly pick on him... Me and Kevin... Do sorta... 'Have the hots' for one another, but it's nothing serious and you don't have to-"

"WHAT?! NO! NO, NO, SOCKHEAD YOU ARENT ALOUD TO HAVE SEX WITH THE ENEMY!" Eddy yelled, a few people beginning to crowd from the explosion.

"We aren't having sex!" Double D held his hands up.

Kevin nodded in agreement, biting his lip nervously.

"Well, have sex or whatever you do with someone else! Anyone else! Even Ed if you must!" Eddy growled.

Double D shivered at the thought of having sex with that smelly, smelly, unsanitary boy.

"Listen midget, the kid has a right to choose for himself, and if he wants to have sex with me, so be it, you don't own him, you don't rule over him, he has his own free will!" Kevin stood up for the younger.

"Well then, I guess you two love birds can go suck face by yourselves then! Cause I ain't Joinin' ya! Come on Ed!" Eddy grabbed the taller ones sleeve, pulling him away as he stormed away.

"Bye Double D!" Ed waved.

"Wouldn't want you joining us while we suck face anyway..." Kevin mumbled.

Double D fell down onto his knees, feeling his cheeks wetten.

They crowd, all embarrassed, make excuses to be somewhere else, walking away from the couple.

"Well I-" Kevin stopped, looking down at the boy in pieces; "Aw, babe, you okay?" The redhead got on his knees, pulling the younger to just chest, shushing him soothingly; "we don't need those two..."

Double D whimpered, digging his face into the crook of Kevin's neck, continuing to cry over the loss of his two best friends.

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