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"Kevin, I don't want to press you on this sensitive topic... But, don't you think we should tell the others?" Double D asked.

They have been unofficially together for the past three days, and things have started to get heated. They walked together on their way home from school, they snuck off twice a day to make out in the bathroom, and then they made out at the redheads house.

It was chaos but harmony.

Kevin turned to look at the boy; "Sure." He shrugged.

"Sure? Why, that's like saying maybe, it means both yes and no! Now I ask again, shall we tell the others?"

"Babe, if you want to, we can tell anyone you want." Kevin continued walking to their make out spot.

"Babe?" Double D stopped in his tracks.

"Yeah... Is that okay? I don't want to make you uncomfortable..." Kevin rubbed the back of his neck, blushing, their eyes meeting.

Double D didn't say anything, he just grabbed Kevin and pulled him into a deep kiss.

Then they heard a gasp.

They turned around, seeing the last person they wanted to see...

It could of been




Or anyone else!

But it was Ed...

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