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    "S-sorry... I must of misunderstood you, I thought you meant you liked me as in... Sexual..." Double D looked away, embarrassed; "I should go..."

"No! I do like you! I'm not sure I love you, and... You'll probably walk away at this... But... My reputation..." Kevin said, expecting a slap in the face, a string of swears or at least a public exit.

But Double D stayed, looking... Relieved; "Then, may I suggest, we go to... A more private spot?"

Kevin was shocked silent, not knowing what to possibly do... He nodded slowly, as fast as he could manage.

Double D smiled, grabbing the bottom of Kevin's shirt and tugging it slightly before walking away, the redhead following closely behind.

They soon entered the men's restroom, both of them confused, hazed, and not knowing what to expect in the slightest...

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