thirty. Real Life

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     Willa linked arms with Shelley, grinning over at her friend

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Willa linked arms with Shelley, grinning over at her friend. It was the first time that they were hanging out and even though Dylan was third wheeling, they were still having fun. Dylan, of course, thought that Shelley was third wheeling since she was supposed to be helping set the two up. It was not going that way, though, since Willa was enjoying her time with her friends.

"We should go..." Willa trailed off, trying to remember the word. She snapped her fingers as it came to her brain. "Shopping. Sorry, I almost forgot what it was called."

She gave them a small smile and pointed out a shop on their right. Dylan grinned and pulled out his wallet, ready to offer to pay, but stopped when he realized that he was only carrying American currency. Willa laughed, slinging her arm across the boy's shoulders.

"It's fine. I'll pay." Willa stated. "It's my clothes, anyway. Trust me when I say it's...gonna be expensive."

Dylan noticed that she seemed to forget a few words when she spoke but he brushed it off as her being tired. No doubt being a huge internet star and working all the time was tiring — it had to take a toll on her at some point.

The three entered the store and Shelley instantly darted towards the dress section, claiming that she needed a new one for a press tour. Willa stated that she needed heels to make her look taller — Dylan thought that her short height was cute but he did not say anything in fear of messing up the friendship that they had going.

     Willa knew that Dylan had a thing for her. It was extremely obvious to practically everyone by just the way that he looked at her but also by the way he acted. Every time that she said a word to him or commented on a photo, his eyes would light up. Anyone around him would instantly become happy because his excitement was so contagious in general but, when it revolved around Willa, it became even more contagious.

     The two had spoken about it in person recently. The 5sos boys had gone out to eat and were joined by their girlfriends, along with Joe, and Caspar. Bryana tagged along to be with Arzaylea and get to know Crystal a little better and wherever Bryana went, Tyler  Posey followed. Cody went with them, which left Dylan and Willa. Shelley had not yet arrived in Brighton yet but she had been constantly texting her friend like always.

     Willa had decided not to go with them for once. Sure, she absolutely loved food, but she loved making her YouTube videos more. She desperately needed to catch up with her Tumblr and answer questions in a video so that's what she did. She had placed a sign on her door saying "Do Not Disturb", turned on her camera, grabbed her laptop, and sat down on her floor in her usual filming spot.

     "Hey guys, it's Willa Rose." She waved at the camera. "And today I thought I could do another 'Q and A' because my life has been pretty hectic lately and I just haven't had as much time to create great content so today is one of my slacking days."

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