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Lee Sia

She is half human and half siren; a mythical creature. She is always hyper. Loves talking. Curses quite often. But she is strikingly charming, with her olive skin and bewitching blue eyes. Everything about her, especially her mesmerizing voice, always attracts people towards her, particularly men. Of course she would have some of the siren traits. Luckily, she didn't inherit the trait that would make her a murderer. Or did she?

Unfortunately, when she was just a child, her parents were killed. No one knows how, above all, why. She lived in an orphanage for seven years until she met her best friend Anna, whose family adopted her, and made her a part of theirs. 

P.S. In the beginning, Sia does not get affected by seeing or smelling blood, but later when things happen, she will be attracted to blood. She is supposed to be a man-eater that attracts males by the use of her voice as she sings, but in here she won't be a man-eater but blood-drinker (man-eater is tooooo harsh). She would be able to attract any man. ANY!

Oh Sehun

He is an incubus. He lives with 11 other incubi demons, all in hope to control their unsympathetic selves and in attempt to be more humane. He is the youngest of all the other demons he lives with.

He is cold but not cold. The complete opposite of Sia. Has never enjoyed in his life, and how would he? He is made to destroy other lives, but he doesn't want to. His piercing dark eyes and provocative self does not fail to spellbind others, particularly women.

P.S. Sehun here will be attracted to blood from the beginning to the end, even after things happen. BUT. There will be some changes in his blood-needings. But more than blood, incubi demons need to have sex with females to charge themselves up.

The Rest of EXO

All of these incubi demons have decided to change themselves to be better beings. They are dark creatures, just like Sia. The only difference is that Sia doesn't have all her siren traits, but they were born as demons, that too incubi demons. The only aim of their life was survival, pleasure and power.

They live together, and call themselves the EXO demons. Their lustful characters are the key to their survival. However, by now they are able to control their demons and cause less harm. Despite of that, they are only able to control themselves for just a week, thus meaning that they need a dose of blood and pleasure from women at least once in a week.

They also have the ability to read minds and mind link. They can also be fast! Mind you... they are not vampires.

P.S As previously mentioned, Incubi Demons need to have sex with females to charge themselves. AND... all EXO members will have their powers from the MAMA Era.

Shin Anna

Sia's best friend. Completely crazy, just like Sia. Very straightforward. Enjoys every moment of life. She is dainty and beautiful. Loves reading.

Oh...the most important thing...she knows about Sia being half siren, yet she loves her best friend! She is very trustworthy but is able to set fire if things aren't right.

Anna has some history attached to her... read to find out more....

Choi Ryan

A tall, young boy. Younger than Sia and Anna, but still manages to act like an older brother. Really funny... and keeps goofing around. Always wanting to stay updated with every kind of news. EVERY! Lives with his family, and is usually busy as he has to help in his dad's business.

He knows about Sia too, and all he wants is for his best friends to be safe...

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