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"I'm fucked up, I"m black and blue. I'm built for, all the abuse."

               - Gangsta, Kehlani

I had one hand wrapped around my staff, the other was locked with Bucky's. It hadn't been the shortest walk back to the base but I didn't really care about anything right now. I was too relieved that Bucky was alive.

We hadn't said much to each other since we escaped but i could tell something was wrong. It was more than obvious that he'd been tortured, and I couldn't even begin to imagine what he'd been through. There was dried blood coming from his ear and bruises covering his face.

Once we made it back to the base there was a lot of people scrambling around, they hadn't expected us to return. Phillips is the one who looked most surprised. Steve stopped right in front of him and stood in wait.

"Some of these men need medical attention." Phillips doesn't say anything and Steve continues. "I'd like to surrender myself for disciplinary action."

I want to protest but it would be pointless, he directly disobeyed the colonel. "That won't be necessary." He says looking away. I notice the tiniest of smiles creep on his face as he walks away. Well it's about damn time.

Peggy approaches Steve and I turn back to Bucky. He smiles and wraps his arms around my waist, a small squeal escapes my lips when he lifts me in the air and spins us around. He laughs and sets me back down, not waiting a single second before crashing his lips into mine.

His fingers brush my neck and I smile against his lips. I break away and look back at Steve, everyone of the soldiers praising him. I turn my head and glance at Bucky.

"Hey!" He shouts. "Let's hear it for Captain America!"\


"How about Manhattan?" Bucky asks pouring another drink.

"Really?" I ask in disbelief.

"Why don't we just stay in Brooklyn?" He argues.

"I told you, I don't wanna have kids in New York. I want some place quiet... Calming." I say.

"What about a country house outside the city?" He suggests.

"Fine, but I want a dog too." I smile.

"Done!" He raises his arms in the air at our sudden agreement.

Planning our perfect lives has taken up most of our evening and we haven't even begun to discuss the wedding.

"You know... if we do have kids... They could be... enhanced, like me?" I warn him.

"That would only make them more beautiful." He smiles cupping my cheek. I smile and he kisses my forehead.

I spot Steve coming our way and He sits down on the opposite side of Bucky. "See, told you. They are all idiots." Bucky greets him.

"How about you? You ready to follow Captain America into the jowls of death?"

"Hell no." Bucky shakes his head. "That little guy from Brooklyn. I was too. I don't like to run away from a fight. I'm following him."

Steve glances over at me. "Don't look at me, I do what you do, just slower. But, you are keeping the outfit right?"

"You know what... It's kinda growing on me." Steve smirks.

The bar quiets down and I turn in my seat to see why. Peggy walks in, not Agent Carter, but Peggy. She's wearing a deep red dress with heels and matching lipstick.

"Captain." She greets Steve.

"Agent Carter." He says back.

"Howard has some equipment he'd like you two to try out tomorrow morning." She says glancing at me.

"Sounds good."

Okay this is officially the most sexual tension filled conversation the two of them have had. You can see it all over Bucky's face that even he knows that something's up.

"I see your top squad is preparing for duty." Says referring to the drunk soldiers in the other room.

"You don't like music?" Bucky questions her.

"I might even, when this is all over," She pauses to look at Steve. "...go dancing."

Her eyes linger on Steve a moment longer before she walks off. "Wow." I say with my eyes wide.


I evened out my breathing but my heart continued to hammer. I could feel his pulse against my back, his heavy arms coaxing me. Bucky pressed a kiss into the back of my neck and left a couple more towards the front of my neck. I held his hand and kissed each finger and he laughed.

Looking around the walls of his tent I glanced at him worriedly. "Do you think anyone heard?"

Peering around, he looked at me and smirked. "Probably." I laugh and let my head fall back down on the bed.

"Oh crap!" I freak out and scramble out of the bed when I catch a glimpse of the clock. "Steve and I are supposed to go see Howard!"

I get out of his bed and quickly start redressing myself. I'm almost done when I feel Bucky's arms snake around my waist from behind me and he presses his face to my neck, showering my neck with warmth.

"Come on Buck, I gotta go." I moan.

"I have to share you with Howard Stark now?" He says not letting go.

I turn around in his arms and plant a quick kiss on his lips. "I'll be back soon."

He cups my face with his warm calloused hands and leans in to kiss my lips. They're soft, but sweet and sugary at the same time. "I love you." He says disconnecting our lips and gazes into my eyes.

"I love you, too." I smile. He releases his lock around my waist and I slip away and put on my shirt. His eyes don't leave mine for a moment and he watches me leave.


"Sorry I'm late!" I apologize running into The lab where Steve and Howard were already started, Steve held a beautiful looking shield in his hand.

I stopped in my tracks, so had Peggy as she was walking by. "What do you think?" He asks holding the shield in front of him.

I'm about to say something but Peggy beats me to it. She picks up a gun off the table and fires it at him about four times, but it doesn't even make a dent. I stand back in confusion and stare at her. Why would she do that?

"Yes." She sighs. "I think It works."

She walks away and I whip my head at Steve. "What did you do to her?" I ask him in an accusing tone.

"What! What makes you think I did anything."

"Cause you're a guy." I state.

I walk past him over to Howard. "What is it you needed?"

He shakes his head before reaching under the table covered in different shields. He pulls out a double bladed staff and holds it out for me.

"Vibranium. It's stronger than steel, and a third of the weight. It's completely vibration absorbent. The rarest metal on earth." He smiles proudly.

I take it from him and weigh it in my hand, he's right it weighs almost nothing. I twirl it in my hand then around my back and over my head. It's perfectly balanced and easy to swing. I notice a practice dummy a few yards away and I chuck it forward.

It sears through the air and pierces the fake body right through the chest. I whirl back around and throw my arms around his.

I let go and grab both his shoulders. "You are a genius." I tell him earnestly.

AN: Sadly this happy streak will have to end since the next chapter will be the train scene, I almost don't wanna write it cause it's so sad :'(

QOTD - Does anyone else hate the irony of Alex and Bucky's plans for the future? (If you've read CopyCat you know what I'm talking about)

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