CHAPTER 1 - "It's called pride"

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I always knew this day would come, I'm old enough to take my power. I was so stressed, I could barely breathe. My whole body was shaking and my hands were wet. I couldn't stop fixing this beautiful dress hooked in front of me, but this wasn't me. I couldn't become a commander. My sister was so much better at this than me, she knew how to inspire people, to give them hope. She could be the brave soldier, the strong queen, and the kind woman all at once, I wasn't sure if I could even be one. But I didn't really have a choice, did I?

Lexa came in my room, she was stunning, she was always the most beautiful girl of Polis. I remembered when we were younger, all the boys who came for the conclave were so witched by her beauty, my mom always liked telling this story.

"Are you nervous?" She came closer and sat beside me.

"No ... I'm just terrified."

"You can do this, you're stronger than you think Clarke, and you know why, because you're a Polis queen. You have that fire inside of you, you just have to believe in yourself to find it." She stood up and started walking out of the room, I caught her arm and pressed her against me. She smiled and hugged me tightly in her arms. I wanted this moment to freeze, stay like this forever, just her and me. She was my shelter, and I didn't want to lose this quiet life for a sort of duty that I didn't even know how to fulfill.

She took my face into her hands and drew a smile on it. "I'll be there, you don't have to worry about anything, you go now where many have gone before you, you're going to be alright" She kissed my forehead, just before closing the door and shouted "Get ready! Our people expect a queen tonight."

I looked at my dress, and slowly closed my eyes, trying to remember my mom's perfume, and how she used to do my hair with these beautiful long blond braids. I then took a long deep breath, and opened my eyes "Here we are."

***** (Grounder Anthem - Take A Life With Me)

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***** (Grounder Anthem - Take A Life With Me)

The huge doors opened to the rhythm of the music, there were so many important people around me, making a way for me to go to the throne. All I could see were lights everywhere, torches.

I recognized some leaders of the thirteen clans, all saluted when I went next to them. Then I saw Lexa. She was standing next to the throne. I tried to focus on her, her eyes, I just looked at her eyes, remembering what she said to me earlier. It was just her and me, no one else in the room. My heart wanted to go out of my chest, I was there, no coming back now, so I bowed.

"Leaders of the thirteen clans, in this day we honor the princess Clarke and put our faith in her to make her a queen of Polis." Lexa turned and took the hot blade to mark me with the sun of Polis. Our people had a special bond with the sun, that's why the royal tower was so high, close to the sun. "Rise" she said.

I dropped down the sleeve of my dress to uncover my shoulder. Lexa looked at me with pride and put the burning blade on my skin. I let escape a little sound of my mouth, and clenched my fists. Lexa covered my shoulder, and wiped a tear on my face. She took my hand and we walked down the steps to the balcony. The air was refreshing, I closed my eyes and let her lead me. I opened them - It was unbelievable - all the people of Polis were gathered in front of the royal tower for my coronation.

"Heya kom Klark, new Heda of Polis*" Lexa screamed. The people were acclaiming me "Long kik raun head**" they said. I couldn't describe what I felt, it taste like joy but even better, I couldn't stop smiling. Lexa looked at me "It's called pride."

We went in, the room was clear and empty

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We went in, the room was clear and empty. "Where are they?"

"It's the ceremony Clarke, they're all going back to their village to prepare our coming" She said calmly going down to the stairs.

"Our coming? What do you mean? You didn't tell me about that." I said stressed.

"I went easy on you sis, you were stressed enough. It's not a big deal, only a trip in the most influent villages of Polis to introduce yourself as the new queen. It's a chance for our people to see that his queens care about him, they need to approve you, so you have to show them your strength and your loyalty."

"You're coming with me right?"

"Of course I am. I'm notthe only ruler on the throne now, we need to show them a united crown bonded byblood. This is going to be your chance to create your legend." I looked up ather, touching my new scar. She smiled to me and said:

"Make sure they won't forget you, ever."


Welcome to Clarke, new commander of Polis*

Long Live the Commander**

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