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   Kevin watched as Double D exited his class, walking down the hallway so he could do some study hall.

The redhead followed him, standing far back enough so that the Ebony wouldn't notice him. 

"Oh, blast..." He heard Double D say. Kevin looked up, seeing Jimmy, the new jock, approaching him.

Jimmy settled his gaze on the scholar; "Hey, fag, off to see the wizard?"

"Salutations Jimmy, I was just on my way to study hall. Though, I'm entertained at your conclusion."

Jimmy scoffed, winding his arm back and pushing it forwards full force, hitting the younger right in the gut; "Don't study to hard..." The jock grabbed his bag, unzipping it and dumping all the stuff out on the ground, flinging the bag far to the side; "Hope you aren't late." He spat on the ground, walking away.

Kevin was frozen in shock, never being that mean to the scholar. He shook his head, Jimmy now out of sight. He redhead ran towards the boy, still on the floor. He fell to his knees, rolling the Ebony onto his back; "Y-you okay?"

Double D struggled to sit up, clinging onto Kevin's shoulder for support, his arms shaking lightly; "Apologies..."  He removed his hands, nearly falling back down.

"It's fine..." Kevin said softly, piling the books and stuff from the scholars bag, then going to get said bag, putting the stuff in it; "That guys a jackass, I doubt he has anything personal agents you... I'll talk to him and make sure he's not so violent..."

Double D just store at Kevin, confused.


"Oh, apologies, I just didn't think you'd... Talk to someone on the team... For me...? I mean, you hate me..." The younger looked away.

"Oh, well, it was kinda brutal..." Kevin said, standing up and offering the Ebony his hand.

Double D took the hand, letting Kevin pull him up off the floor; "Thank you."


"I do wish I could stay and continue to give you my graditute, but I'm afraid I must be going to my study hall... You may proceed to hit me and shove me in the direction..." The boy squinted his eyes shut, looking away, expecting the punch.

"I'll let you off easy this time..." Kevin grabbed the bag off the floor, shoving it into Double D's chest, just then realizing that Jimmy punches him there; "Sorry."

"It's fine..." Double D murmured shocked, taking the messenger bag and slinging it over his head and on his shoulder; "B-bye..."

And he quickly walked away, leaving Kevin just to stand there, starring after him.

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