Chapter 7: Horror Unfolds

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Chapter 7:

Collin (Nick's Big Brother's) POV:

As soon as I got that call from my brother's friends, I was out of my apartment. Okay, so maybe I was only twenty two and still in the academy, but I still had the whole police force in my back pocket. There was no way I was just going to let the police handle this without me.

I burst in the doors of the station and immediately went into the back where my best friend worked, he got out two months before I did.

"Quil!," I yelled running around looking for him. He popped up from behind his desk and grabbed my shoulders to calm me.

"Whoa, chill Collin! What is it?"

I sucked in a big breath, "I just got a call from Nick, he and a couple of his friends are stuck in a haunted house, apparently two people are dead and everybody else's life is in danger," I stated. Quil's eyebrows furrowed in concern and he let go of me, walking back over to his desk.

Quil picked up his phone and whispered something I didn't catch, but I assumed he was calling for some back up.

"Where is this haunted house exactly?," he asked suddenly serious. I picked my brain trying to remember what Emily said.

"The corner of Sibley," I announced and Quil suddenly froze.

"That one?"

"Umm, ya," I stuttered,"Whats wrong with that one?" Quil took a seat and pulled open a drawer, pulling out a large, thick brown file.

He opened it and started to flip through till he got to a list of names,"See all these names? These are all people that went missing. They were last seen going to this haunted house. We closed it down though so I don't understand..."

"Wait," I shouted, Quil stopped talking and set his eyes one me. A memory flashed into my head, something about Nick going to the house, "Nick.... said.... he was going to a haunted house.... a closed one... I remember now!"

"This doesn't make sense, the owner was arrested last week,Andrew Roy. So who is running this thing?," Quil asked himself shuffling through all the papers in the thick file. "Hey Collin, can you name all the people he is with?"

I thought again, sure I knew all Nick's friends but I didn't know which ones he was with. "Well I know he's with Emily Valentine and Hayley Lawson, but that's all I know."

"How do you know this?," Quil asked staring right into my eyes.

"He called me...," I said, quickly I flipped my phone out and called Nick's number. It rang for a couple minutes before going to voicemail. I screamed and threw the phone at the wall with anger. It shattered to pieces and I sighed.

"Wait," Quil suddenly shouted. I looked at him with confusion and he shot out of his seat. "It says Andrew Roy has a twin brother! A man by the name of... Isaac."

And with that, Quil jumped up ran around the whole place, telling officers to get in there cars and go to the mysterious house where my brother and his friends were trapped.

We got there in record time, though that was no surprise considering we were zooming down the highway with the siren going off. We pulled up to the house and I gasped. What the hell was Nick thinking going in here?

The paint on the house was peeling and all the windows were boarded up. A dense fog surrounded the house and half dead trees hung around it. There was even a creepy rocking chair on the porch that was rocking like someone had just been sitting there.

A chill ran through my spine and I hopped out of the car.

"Okay, everybody buddy up and we will go in two at a time, everybody split up and look for anyone alive," Quil announced.

Someone laughed, "You want us to use the buddy system?," he asked chuckling again. Anger boilied up inside me and I stomped over to the jack ass.

"Listen here, my little brother and at least three other people are trapped in there with god knows what so I suggest you shut the fuck up and do your job, or is that too much for your little brain to understand?," I said harshly right into his face. He gulped and nodded his head.

I went to stand by Quil and he gave me a flashlight. We walked up to the house first and slowly opened the creaky door.

We were hit with an intense smell of death, and my eyes began to water uncontrollably. As soon as we stepped in the door slammed shut behind us and echoed down the dark hallway. It looked like hurricane Katrina hit.

There was little bits of dry wall all over the floor, but it was a deep brown color. Wires hung from the ceiling and looked as if they were chewed. There was even some graffiti on the wall, but all of it was unfinished.

"Turn on your flashlight, Collin," Quil whispered. I felt around the flashlight looking for the switch and flipped it on. Quil and I began to walk down the hallway, looking for any sign of my brother and his friends.

A rat ran across my foot and I shot back with a small yelp. It was more like a mutant rat, gray, nasty and about the size of a small dog.

"Nasty," I whispered to myself stomping on the ugly little creature. It let out a small squeak and started to squirm a little until I stomped on it again.

I looked at the stained wall, and when I looked forward again noticed two people standing about ten feet from us. The taller one had curly, dark brown hair and brown eyes. He was kind of tan and wore a white dress shirt tucked into dark jeans with black suspenders. The other one also had dirty blonde hair that was kind of curly and green eyes. He wore a gray t-shirt and dark jeans with black converse. His hair was kind of spiked.

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