Pledge of A Proxy

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Anything in italics is a thought

Inky blackness clouded your vision. You woke up on the floor in a dark room. You could barely see anything.
"Took you long enough" a voice said.
"Where the hell are you" you said looking into the darkness.
"Can't you see us" the voice asked.
The voice was definitely male.
"I can't see shit" you snapped.
Light started to pour into the room. That's when you could see where the voice came from. It came from a man that wore a white mask with feminine features. He also wore an orange bomber jacket with jeans. Next to him was a man in a yellow hoodie, and jeans with a black ski mask that had red stitches for eyes and a mouth. In between the two, stood a man with a grey and brown jacket, jeans, orange goggles, and a mouth guard, he also had hatchets hanging on his belt.
"W-where am I" you ask.
"The basement" the one with the hoodie said.
This is all a dream.
A tall figure appeared in front of you. It wasn't one of the three that were in there already. You quickly stood up.
"This isn't a dream, child" the tall figure said
You looked up. That's when you realized this figure had no face.
How did it know what I was thinking
"I may not be human , but please, don't refer to me as an 'it'. My name is Slenderman, but you call me Master" he said.
"I don't have a master" you said.
The three unnamed men just stood there motionless. Slenderman chuckled. You still questioned how he could do that since he didn't have a mouth. It was a dark chuckle.
"Child, you are very naive. I can control you" he said.
"Prove it" you said thinking that every word coming out of Slenderman's 'mouth' was false.
Then with extreme force you were forced down on one knee. Your right hand was forced over your heart. It was like you were pledging to something.
"Okay I believe you" you say.
"You will now be mine" Slenderman said.
That's when Slenderman took full control.
"I am here to serve" you say in monotone.
What's happening? Why can't I say the right thing?
"I will not disobey or lie to my master" you say.
I have no master!!!  No one can control me!
"I will be with my partner whether I like it or not" you say.
Slenderman's facial muscles contorted.  He seemed happy
This jackass is having way too much fun with this.
"I can still hear your thoughts" Slenderman said.
"You'll be mine soon anyway" Slenderman said.
"After I accept this life I cannot return to my old one" you say.
I don't want to work for this guy!
"You will, child, you'll see" Slenderman said.
"I am nor human nor demon" you say.
Why? Why me?
"I am a proxy" you say.
"And I am here to serve my master" you say ending the life long vow of servitude.

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