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Amun lay atop the cool, soothing water of the river that she had no idea where its current was carrying her. She lay, lettiing the water run over her arms, calming the muscles that still refused to move. With her eyes closed, it was like all her others senses were at their strongest. She could smell something, that to her, was salt, mud and salt. 

Amun's hazel eyes jolted open when the surface she lay upon suddenly began hard and gooey. She'd gotten to the coast line apparently. 

"Argh!" a painful moan burst from her lips when she tried to rise up to sit. Screams eroded theh calm ambiance of nightlife calling out to each other as Amun rose to her feet, every muscle, every bone within rebelling against her. Everywhere felt like someone was shearing at it with a dangerousll cerrated dagger. Unable to stand any longer, Amun threw herself back to the ground, and then it came; the vomit that burned at her throat like acid, exploaded from her lips, falling bloody red over her arms that the watere ahad jus cleaned from the previous caked on blood that was there before. 

Amun rolled over, back on her back, away from the crimson mess and began to cry. What she do to have Bes here wih her. Sure, the girl hated her guts, but Bes always protected her no matter what. Just like the older sister she'd always wished she could have.  

Someone was there. Amuun heard the crack of the twig under the foot of whoever it was. 

"Bes?!" she cried out, trying to turn over to see the newcomer, But the night, or rather morining was BLACK. There was nothing but darkest to see. 

Amun felt long fingers wrapping themselves aroound both her shoulders and then suddenly grasping at them tight and roughly pulling her to her feet.

HORROR ran throough her, "WHO ARE YOU?!" her feeble voice floated out to the silence that was.

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