Once again I woke up earlier than I was supposed to, which is surely the result of a restless night I had. I don't know if it's because of my worries that never seem to leave me alone for too long or because I still haven't got used to sleeping in a different place. I'm grateful I don't have a roommate, it would be a lot harder for me to conceal my tattoo.  Granted, some soldiers have flats big enough for two people while the others have rooms built for only one person and I was lucky to get a room.  I used to share a flat with Alex and I do miss him at times, but now that I discovered the joys of living alone, I wouldn't trade it for hours of pointless banters with him so easily.

After making sure to put on a long sleeved sweatshirt to hide my tattoo, I make my way toward the mess hall, my stomach yearning for breakfast.  The food is surprisingly good and I'm pleased there's enough for everyone, it means Hazard has good connections with people in the North who deliver it.  Some are working on farms and similar, growing food for themselves and us, some are delivering food from the countries in Europe and Asia where the war is mostly over, and some is produced here in a few working factories, but only in the far corners of the country, away from the war zone.

I take one of the trays on the pile and stand in line, starting to place the food from the counter on it as people slowly move forward.  It's mostly healthy, consisting of fruits and vegetables, and even though I'm not the biggest fan, I'm never taking any food for granted.

I scan the room, spotting Alex chatting with Louis and Niall, my feet carrying me toward them. I'm glad to see he's getting on well with everyone he's met so far, the last thing we need are problems.  We haven't been assigned to any missions yet and maybe it's for the best, especially if a mission includes a fight versus Vortex.  It'd be best for us to keep a low profile for now until we gain some trust from the people in Hazard, considering they'll see our tattoos eventually.

I slide into the empty seat in front of Alex, right beside the guy I believe is Liam. I notice he has identical piercings as H; a lip ring and a metal bar beside his eyebrow; plus a snake bite below his lips.  There are various tattoos peeking underneath his black v-neck, swirls of ink decorating his neck and arms. His eyes are a lovely shade of brown, his cheeks covered with a slight stubble.

"Hey, El," Louis greets me, his mouth full of food, his cheeks puffy.

I smile and give him a slight wave. "Aw, you're so cute."

"I'm cute as much as I'm lethal," Louis deadpans, his tone filled with humour. "Remember that."

"You're the knife girl, right?" A female voice says, my focus shifting on a girl beside me.  She appears to be my age, her dark eyes observing me with interest. I do the same, taking in her ebony skin, full lips, and short jet black hair.

"Excuse-- oooh the knife girl, haha I get it," I reply, laughing nervously. "That would be me. Name's Elena, but you can call me whatever you'd like, everyone gives me a nickname anyway."

"Alright, El it is," she says with an amused smile, making Louis mutter "hey, that's my nickname for her". "I'm Jess, by the way."

"Alright, Jess it is," I say, slowly starting to eat my food as my stomach seems to agree with my decision. 

"So you threw a knife at H," she says, her voice quiet. "Damn, I wish I could've seen that. Why do things always happen when I'm not around, damn it."

"Yeah, not my best moment, especially since it was my first day," I say. "I was angry, so I reacted."

"It's baffling you're still here after that," she says, grinning. "Since I missed it, maybe you could demonstrate it again?" 

"Maybe if he pisses me off again, I'll throw two. Or ten. I'll get back to you on that one," I joke and she laughs.

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