Honey, If you bite me I'll bite you Back.

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The house was quiet, the wind slowly blew around outside causing the tree's to scrap against the window and make a frightening sound that made shivers run down your back. Maybe moving here wasn't such a good idea but I needed a fresh start.

I needed to get away from my old life and start a new one. Back in London my parents, brother, and sister died in a car accident. I was the only one to survive though the crash but I don't remember anything from then.

I sighed walking down the cold wood floor of the hallways carrying one yellow bad that kept my most important treasures, meaning my lap top, cell phone, mp3, and my book. My book is my diary but I hate the word.

Its seemed so cliché calling it a diary so I call it a book.

I opened the plain white door at the end of the hall and walked in. There was nothing special about it just what my last bedroom looked like. I had people set up the house before I arrived, they did a pretty good job too if I might add.

I looked up at the peace signed decorated clock the hung on the top of my bed.

" 7:30 am" I said to myself and groaned, it was the first day of school today and I hated switching school's especially when it's probably about five thousand miles from my old one.

I sighed looking in the mirror at the outfit I chose to wear today. It was nothing special, just a black off shoulder shirt and ripped skinny jeans my mother gave me on my fifteenth birthday.

I brushed my long raven colored hair once more before I slipped on my checkered converse and left the house ready for the horrible first day of school to start.

As soon as the school came in sight chills slid down my back. Something was telling me to stay away but I ignored it and entered the school. I searched through the school looking for the office but I couldn't find it anywhere. I went left and right and around the back left and turned right.......

Jeez where am I? some kind of corn maze?

" You lost? " I heard someone behind me ask.

I quickly turned around to see guy probably my age standing in front of me.

He was tall, Maybe a Half foot taller than me. He looked Italian. His hair was dark and straight but dry. He's eyes were very light blue, almost hypnotizing.

" Err yeah.....Can you show my where the office is? "I asked looking into his blue eyes.

His eyes seemed to be trying to control me somehow but I couldn't figure out what it was.

I moved my eyes to the ground avoiding eye contact.

"You must be the new student" he said smiling wolfishly.

" Ehh... yea" I said calmly looking back up at him.

" What's your name?" he asked but this time he was smirking, everything in me was telling me not to tell him.

"Ah......Lilly Martin" I lied. My real name is Arabella Wallflower.

" Your lying" he said walking closer to me.

" If you tell me yours I'll tell you mine" I said smirking.

"Jayden......Jayden Moon" He said "Now yours" he said smirking back.

"Sarah Palin" I said walking away.

He grabbed my arm and yanked me back " I don't like it when people deny me" he whispered in my ear angrily sending chills down my back.

I shrugged away the chills " Guess you'll just have to deal with it" I said and yanked his arm off of me walking away.

This time he didn't stop me. When I looked back he was gone. I sighed searching through the school once again. After a while I finally found it. I sighed and waked through the wooded door to see an old lady with glasses and gray hair behind the wooded desk.

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