Chapter 8 #_#

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Tsukiakari's P.O.V.:


"Kari-nee-chan!" I heard a young Sasuke yell in complain as I tied his bow tie as tight as I could with him still being able to breathe. It's been a couple years since Itachi and Madara slaughter all other members of the Uchiha clan (besides themselves and Sasuke of course).

Its was after the chuinn exams. We were on our way to lord thirds grave, since lord third was after all my godfather. I was being extra cautious. It was third hokage and I that kept Sasuke away from the Elders and Danzo's wrath. With him gone, those old pieces of crap might try something and I wasn't planning on letting them.

Sasuke could tell I was acting weird but I think he blamed it on the third's death.

"Kari-nii-chan, are you sure your alright?" Sasuke asked me for the billionth time. He's been asking every hour, like as if he was expecting me to break down and start crying.

I reached forward and pinched his checks.

"I should be asking you that. You've been acting weird ever since your fight with naruto this morning. Then Kakashi having to have a word with you directly after. Care to share what's up?"

"I don't know what you're talking about..." Sasuke mumbled.

"Fine, but if you get consumed by darkness, Sasuke, it's nearly impossible to get out." I grabbed his sleeve and pulled him outside towards the hokage's grave. Sasuke tugged back.

"Nearly impossible? Who's escaped it before?" Sasuke demanded.

I ignored him. He doesnt need to know about what happened to me.

"Tell me Kari, now!" Sasuke glared at me.

I blinked and slapped him. I pulled him towards a forest area near the grave, away from the public eye's view. Once we got in far enough, I turned around to face Sasuke. He was glaring daggers at me, my hand print very apparent on his face.


I slapped him again hard enough, without chakra, to where he fell on the ground holding his face in pain.

"Sasuke. No matter what the excuse. If you show me disrespect I will put you back in your place! That tone of yours is pissing me off! If I have to knock some sense into you I will, but don't your ever forget, this fact. I.AM.NOT.ITACHI! I will not act like his facade he used on you."

Sasuke stared at me, he face showed that he was in pain, but his eyes showed shock, anger and confusion.

"I never said you were." another slap made its way through Sasuke's face.

"How about I explain it to you? Would that help the baby Uchiha? How's this for brutally honesty; you are weak, you are broken easily, and you relying too much on others. If you have the nerve to mouth off to those who shown you nothing but kindness, then Itachi should've killed you!"

I didn't want to say this, but like Itachi, I need Sasuke to get stronger and? learn to depend only on himself. Sasuke is like her a brother in my eyes, I guess you could say that I understand what Itachi was thinking, but I just won't go that extreme. I can't be there for Sasuke 100% of the time. So he needs to learn to either get stronger or face death.

Sasuke looked at me, his face unreadable to must, but I knew what he was thinking. He was more than likely thinking that I'm betraying him. How I'm going to do the same as Itachi. How I was going to take everything away from him.

"Why are you doing this to me KARI!? I TRUSTED YOU. YOU'RE THE ONLY PERSON I CARE ABOUT WHY!?" Sasuke ran at me only for me to move out of the way.

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