“Kayla, darling, have you everything for this year?” I heard my mother’s soft voice asking. Of course, it’s only a pretence. The Malfoys have come to pick me up to take me to Kings Cross Station to catch the train to school, as they do every year.


I rolled my dark green eyes and replied with a look that said - Obviously, mother. I’m not stupid and I manage it every year without your help - don’t I? I finished with a sickly sweet smile shot at the back of head as she turned away to talk with Narcissa. She doesn’t care at all; I don’t know who she thinks she’s kidding. Certainly not me. What mother ignores her children for three whole years? What mother hides herself away in a dark room in a corner of our house so no one can find her? My mother, that’s who, no wonder my Dad worked so many hours at the Ministry. I can’t say I blame him. It’s her fault my Daddy is dead. She isn’t capable of affection, for her husband or her children, and I hate her.


I turned away from my mother, the sight of her suddenly sickening me even more than usual. I stalked out of the lounge and into the cool hallway; pressing my back up against the flocked wallpaper that mother had insisted we had. My hands reached for my honey blonde hair, running the soft locks through my manicured fingers. I couldn’t wait to get out of here; the sooner, the better. Hogwarts was more like home now that Daddy wasn’t here when I returned from school. My eyes fell shut as I breathed in and out slowly. The front door slammed and two pairs of loud footsteps progressed along the wooden floorboards. One set disappeared as they entered the lounge. The other continued up until they paused in front of me. There were a few seconds of silence and then:


“Kayla, you alright?” His voice swept over me in the otherwise empty room. I turned my head in his direction and looked at him through my eyelashes. He was looking at me quizzically; it wasn’t often he saw me at home and thus, never really saw how I acted here. I would prefer to keep his impression of me as the daring, flirty, outgoing girl he knew from the halls of Hogwarts. I dropped my head to look at my feet, focusing on the contrast between the warm oak floor and the black leather of my shoes. I could see Draco’s canvassed feet at the edge of my vision, and the bottom of his sand-coloured chinos. He was the only boy I knew who wore a suit on a daily basis out of choice, and could pull it off; but I must confess, I prefer him in a tight t-shirt and jeans or chinos. I looked up sharply and took in his uncharacteristically relaxed image, noticing the little things – the way the material of his chinos was all brushed one way; how his white t-shirt clung to his body; how the muscles in his lightly tanned arms rippled subtly as he ran a hand through his blonde hair, not yet slicked back for school.


I swallowed as I realised I was gazing at him and turned around quickly, heading up the staircase.


“Where you going? We’re leaving in a minute; Natalie will probably be at the station already waiting for us,” Draco told me sternly. At the sound of my best friends name, I stopped my ascent and looked over my shoulder at Draco, who was staring intently back up at me. I raised an eyebrow and sneered at the thought of Nat stood patiently on Platform 9 and ¾ , waiting nicely like a good little girl for her so-called best friends. Let her wait, I thought bitterly, she’s had him all holiday, it’s my turn now. I beckoned Draco to follow me before turning and commencing my climb up the stairs; hips swaying in my skirt and blonde waves flicking down my back.

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