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Y/n's POV

I woke up to Chris yelling "PANCAKE PARTAY" "ughh" I rolled over and pretended I was still asleep, that didn't work because Ricky started pushing me, pulling my eyelids and blowing in my face, I swear to god his 5, "what!" "We're having Pancakes for breakfast and Vinny told me to come get you" "fiiiinnnnee" I rolled out of bed since mines on the bottom, I got up and walked to the lounge kitchen dining thingy, "sleep good babe?" "That was the best sleep ever because I didn't get woken up at 3 in the morning by being punched in the jaw" "that happened" "yeah" "oh" "Y/n what do you want on you pancakes" Chris asked me "I don't know what do you have?" "Maple syrup or sugar or butter or all three" "maple syrup and butter please" "k" Chris made me my pancakes and I sat down in front of Vinny then not long after I sat down Ricky sat next to me, Rick and I are starting to become good friends, I think we're going to become best friends since we stayed up most of last night getting to know each other better, Ricky kept annoying me so i poked him really hard then he kicked me then I looked at him and bursted out laughing and so did he "what's so funny" "what's so funny" Ricky said mocking Chris
And every one started laughing while Chris just pouted, "awwww Chris do I need to call you a wambulance" I said in a baby voice "f you" "I'm kidding"

Vinny's POV

I was just eating my pancakes and watching YouTube on my phone, even though i had my earphones in I still could barely hear what I was watching because everyone was being so loud I looked up to see Y/n and Ricky laughing their asses off, is it a bad thing that I'm jealous because Ricky is talking to Y/n and making her laugh, I don't think I could ever make her that happy, I just got up and put my pancakes on the bench and went to my bunk, I know it's weird because I know that Y/n and Ricky are best friends and Y/n loves me but I just can't help it since the last girlfriend I had cheated on me with my best friend expected that was ages ago and Y/n is different, I just can't help it, I sat on my bunk while watching Markiplier (I love Mark his awesome) when Chris came and stood in front of me, "what?" "Your jealous" "no I'm not!" "Dude stop lying to me, I saw the look on your face when you noticed Y/n and Ricky laughing their asses off, and you have nothing to worry about" "what do you mean I have nothing to worry about?" "Ricky has a girlfriend" "I know it's just I can't help it" "don't worry I understand" "yeah" "well we have to go set up and do sound check so you have to come" "ok" we walked to the lounge I kissed Y/n on the forehead and with that we left to go do sound check Y/n said that she would come to the show not sound check because she doesn't want to be a bother which I totally get besides there's nothing there for her to do and it's pretty boring, after sound check we had to go back to the bus and get ready, when we got to the bus I couldn't see Y/n anywhere she wasn't in the lounge, she wasn't in the back room and she wasn't in her bunk or my bunk, I started to get worried, I was walking through the bunk area and when I walked pass Chris's bunk she jumped out and scared me and I fell on my ass, "ahhh fuck you" I yelled she was just laughing "wait who said you could go in Chris's bunk?" "I asked Chris while you were in your bunk" "k"...

So when I was writing this before I was speeding up a whole bunch of songs and I started listening to music and it sounded like it was in slow mo, anyway I hope you like this part and I was wondering if you guys want later in the story for Chris to adopted Y/n so comment if you do or don't want him to and shit so yeah

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