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Vinny's POV

I'm so happy, I asked Y/n to be my girlfriend and she said YES, I hope this will eventually lead to more but I can't tell her that she would be weirded out, once we reached the bus I had to put her down since I was giving her a piggyback ride on the way to the bus, Y/n was exhausted, I could tell, so she just went to her bunk and passed out, I was going to but I thought I might as well tell the band the good news, I stood in front of everyone since they were all on the couches, "I have an amazing announcement" "what is it Vincent" Chris said, I just death stared him "weeeelllllll I asked Y/n the question" "what question?" Ricky asked dumbfounded "I asked her to be my girlfriend" "awwwww man I'm so sorry maybe the next chick might wanna go out with you" Ryan said sounding sympathetic "I said good news, she said yes you dick" everyone was cheering "guys be quiet Y/n is sleeping" I said trying to calm everyone down "sorry" Chris whispered, then there was banging on the door, and whoever it was sounded pissed, the next thing I knew Y/n came out of her bunk and ran into the bathroom and locked the door, I heard her crying so I decided to go check on her, I knocked on the door and she let me in, she pushed me to the back of the room and locked the door, then ran to me and hugged me and started crying, "babe what's wrong" "that's my dad banging on the door, I was texting him and he said he would come get me and drag me home then beat the living shit out of me" she said sobbing, I just gasped I was so shocked that anyone would want to do something so cruel to someone so nice,

Ricky's POV

I know I don't know Y/n that well, but she's really nice and I wanna be her bestie because I don't think she has any friends, I flung the bus door open to reveal a man, he looked pissed and in his left hand he had a half empty bottle of whiskey though he looks like that isn't the only bottle he's had today, "can I help you sir?" I asked "yeah do you know where my whore of a daughter is" the smell of whiskey from his breathe made me sick "I'm sorry but I don't know who your daughter is so I can't help you find her" "ugh Y/F/N" "oh well I don't know anyone with that name so I can't help you so if you could please leave that would be greatly appreciated" I did know his daughter it was Y/n but I could tell he had bad intentions, so I just lied and said I didn't know her, he just glared at me and left tumbling on his way, God why do people like this exist, I thought to myself, I decided to go check on Y/n and Vinny, I knocked on the door and Vinny opened it with Y/n clinging onto him crying "Y/n you don't have to worry anymore his gone" I said in a calming tone "really" she said looking at me with tears rolling down her cheeks "yes really" I said, she let go of Vinny and hugged me really tight and said thank you a billion times "it's ok you better get some rest, ok" "ok" she said with a slight smile
"Thanks man she means the world to me and I hate to see her this way" "it's ok tell if she needs someone to talk to I'm always here" "I will" Vinny said while patting me on the shoulder, then he went to his bunk and crashed I could tell he was asleep because I could hear him snoring really loudly, I walked over to the couch and picked up my controller and started playing COD.

I really hope you guys like this part sooooo yeah idk I'm really akward
Stay strong and be nice to others? Idk anymore just ignore my awkwardness well peace dudes and dudetts😘😋☺️😎😛😝😜🙂😊🙃

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