Chapter 8

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-----------BRUNO'S P.O.V------------

I turned towards the door and Nala was standing at the door frame. She went inside and stood by my side.

"Why did you come in here?" She asked, her tone normal.

"Just curious." I said.

She smiled and walked further into the room. I finally looked at the object I had been holding on to and it was a painting. I looked at the floor and there was five paint cans. I looked at the rest of the room and there was paint brushes, paint cans and ofcourse paintings. This was an art room.

"You're a painter?" I asked, already knowing the answear.

"I guess. I'm not a professional or anything but painting takes the stress away." She said as she looked at one of her paintings.

"You must get really stressed." I said examining the painting infront of me.

The painting was a woman. She was layed down on the ground. The sky was dark and white smoke came out of her heart. There was mountains that touched the black sky and the ground looked like a empty desert. In the bottom left corner, there was some words but I couldn't identify what it said. I looked at the woman in the painting again and I couldn't help but feel a stab in my chest. The woman looked so sad, so lifeless and that's what I felt everytime I looked at her. Nala was now standing next to me, waiting for a reaction.

"Erm let's go get your clothes." I said leaving the colorful depressing room.

------------NALA'S P.O.V------------

Bruno and I were now in my room getting my clothes. He had been very quiet since he went in my art room, but I didn't understand why. He was outside of my closet while I was inside picking the clothes I would take. Most of the clothes were dresses, except for my pijama and, about 5 band t-shirts and my yoga pants. I went back to my room and put my clothes on the bed.

"You can't be serious" Bruno finally spoke while holding my blue dress.

"What?" I asked while putting my clothes into a white backpack.

"Is dresses the only thing you wear?" He said as he sat on my king size bed.

"Umm yeah. Drew would always buy me dresses or elegant clothes because he wanted me to look good next to him." I said while holding a white dress with daisys on it.

"You're not wearing that." He said, throwing the dress he was holding back on the bed.

"Well what do you want me wear?" I said fixing my dress that had been rudely thrown by Bruno.

"Normal clothes." He said.

He took all my clothes in his hands and put the dresses back on the bed.

"You can take these yoga pants, the shirts and your pijama but the dresses have to stay." He stated.

"Well can I atleast take one dress?" I said sadly.

"Fine. But you already have the red one back at my house." He said as he left the room.

I took the clothes I was going to take and put them back in the backpack. I added a couple bras and underwear aswell. I didn't want him to see them so I waited. I looked around my room one last time, not knowing when I would come back. I still didn't know why I had to stay with him. I should just call the police. I grabbed the home phone and starded dialing when I remembered the simple things he would do for me. In the last couple of hours, I felt a bigger spark with him than in the whole year I was with Drew. I put the phone back and starded walking out.

-----------BRUNO'S P.O.V------------

I was back in the living room, waiting for Nala to come down so we could leave. I starded walking back towards the wall that had captured my attention when I first came in here. The pictures wall. I looked at the picture of Nala with her parents again and smiled. To the right was a picture of her and a blonde girl. They had their faces painted and had matching shorts and blouse. Under that picture was Nala in a school hallway. She was wearing glasses and she had books in her hands. She was wearing jeans and black converse. It seemed like she was wearing a black Rolling-Stones shirt but I couldn't tell because the books were covering it. This must have been before she dated that guy who's name I do not plan on remembering.

"I'm ready" Nala said as she came down the stairs.

"Okay." I said.

She starded walking out the door. I said my goodbye to the beautiful normal girl in the picture and walked behind Nala.

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