Chapter Sixty-Four: Touch Me Cruel (The Publicist's Plight)

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All I'm going to say is, I hope my mother doesn't read this chapter any time soon. 


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I guess I can start this off by saying that I've seen the tattoo on Sebastian that he was talking about. It isn't as glorious as seeing Sebastian's ass itself, but it's nice to have a little comic relief once in a while, right?

Sebastian is sleeping soundly next to me, completely naked. We've ravaged the covers of his bed into nothing but a sheet and a couple of pillows—this said sheet only covering a portion of Sebastian's body.

I've never been so exhausted. Is this what it's like to not have sex for a year, then jump back in with the most incredible sex you've ever had in your life? Seriously, Sebastian's dick puts Hudson's to shame; I was a dead fish underneath that disgusting man. But now I'm sore between my legs for the first time.

I'll admit, I'm being the cliché creep who is watching someone sleep at the moment. But it's hard to peel your eyes away from a man such as Sebastian with only a cover over the lower part of his body to keep him decent. His back rises and falls slowly; gently. The muscles of his torso contract with every breath he takes. When I trace a finger on his spine, he moans a bit and stirs in his sleep.

What am I thinking? I'm sure he doesn't like to be touched this way after sleeping with someone. He's used to fucking and leaving without anything more, yet here I am, lying next to him in his bed like I want something more. Which I do—I want badly for him to fuck me again. Or me fuck him, depending on if I'm confident enough to take him the way he took me.

Carefully, I get out of bed and search around for my clothes. I'm ass-naked too, of course. And it's not like Sebastian hasn't seen me this way, but I wouldn't want this view to be the first thing he sees when he wakes up.

I'm sure he wouldn't mind, though.

Defeated and in a hurry to cover myself, I opt for a t-shirt I find in a dresser drawer by Sebastian's bed. It's a plain dark-blue t-shirt that can barely make it over the entangled mess of my wild hair, but when it's finally over my body, it's big enough to reach about mid-thigh.

I leave his room and take slow steps down the hallway. Not because I don't want to make any noise, but because my legs and hips are killing me. And so is my neck and the sensitive skin around my nipples.

The house has an odd echo when I'm in the living room. This place is huge and Sebastian wakes up here every morning by himself? It's easier now for me to understand why he likes the company of other people so much, but at the same time it isn't the type of company he wishes he always had.

When I'm in the kitchen, I see a coffee maker and decide to make a cup. I'm still in a bit of shock that Sebastian and I actually had sex last night; my mind is buzzing, and a smile creeps up on my lips when I remember the details. The sinful details, rather. I swear I was only supposed to be over here for dinner—how did we end up naked?

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