Chapter 1

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"Get down hear already! How long do I have wait for breakfast bitch!" Venice quickly rushed down stairs and started putting some form of breakfast to put on the table. "Well, well, well tardiness huh?" Venice flinched "you know I don't tolerate tardiness" Venice could hear the crack of her aunts whip.

Venice had a problem, that problem was her aunt she did every thing her aunt asked her to do and more, but it still didn't please her. Soon she had her aunts breakfast on the table. "Well?" Venice sat down and watched her aunt eat everything she had put down. *gulp, burp* "well" her aunt held up the whip. "Come" "no" Venice muttered, "excuse me?" "No" Venice flinched and stared at the floor.

It was quiet in the kitchen for a few minutes. "HA, HA, HA, HA, ha" Venice's aunt burst out laughing. "bitch to think you can stand up to me? Well do you?" Venice could feel her ribs crack as her aunt kicked her multiple times.

"Go, it's insulting having you around." She said grabbing Venice's hair and gave her one final kick towards the door. "Don't come back." We're her aunts final words.

Venice ran faster than she ever had far into the tree line before the first something happened her bones were healing and changing and it hurt bad, really really bad. Venice curled into ball waiting for whatever was happening to stop.

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