As Anali looked over her window, she wanted everything in her life to go back to the way it was. Though her new life was not that bad, she did love having her family, friends, and especially mystery guy around. The way he would talk to her for endless hours, his pranks, and the way his eyes sparkled into hers. She slump her shoulders forward, she sighed to herself not knowing if their fate intertwined with each other. But seeing him would not hurt.

However a ringing sound brought her back to reality as she jogged down the stairs to open the door. That must be Sabby’s guest, she told herself. She was late again, probably stuck in traffic. Sabby is Anali best friend.

When she opened the door, she could not believe who was standing before her eyes. Him, it was him. Mystery Guy.

He stood taller than her with his brown hair swept to one side of his face and ended just above his ears. Tall was one word she could give him, about 6’1 in her eyes. While his beautiful deep ocean eyes link in with hers.

Anali felt her legs grow weak and just as she was about to fall when his hands wove around her waist giving her support. He slowly moved her body closer to his leaving not an inch between them. Their lips were just inches apart as they stared at each other. He was just about to kiss her when she pushed him away.

She loved him will all her heart that she could scream it out for the whole world to hear her. Then the words replay in her head that remind her she cannot get to close, he doesn't love you, he’s an animal and will always be an animal. He doesn't even want you, he just want to hit the jackpot and enter in your pants.

Holding her emotions locked in, ignoring him in the process while she ran up the stairs. She was just about to turn the doorknob open when she felt him grab her wrist and pushed her slowly up against the door. His lips brushed against hers, in a matter of seconds. Reluctantly, she responded back to the kiss and started kissing him with all her might.

He tasted so sweet that she did not want to stop, as if they could be in this position forever. Though as the saying goes nothing good ever last long. He broke the kiss with his lips and took a deep breath “Anali I…”

Hi, I'm new at this so I hope you like my new first story and tell me what you think of it.

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