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Wendy and the Orb to Neverland (syfy neverland sequel)


Wendy Darling was an ordinary girl from east london. She had 2 brothers john and michael. John had brown hair and glasses and resembled his father very much. Michael was small with blonde hair, very much like wendy's and they both resembled their mother. They had a dog who was much like a human to them, she watched over the children to make sure they didnt get into any trouble. Wendy's father was a banker and took pride in his job status and loved to exceed expectation of them around him. Wendy's mother was very beautiful, just like wendy they had brilliant imaginations; though wendy's mother didn't really talk of her imaginations to anybody else but wendy. John and Michael would ask wendy to tell them a story every night before they went to bed. usually they were based around the same story about a pirate ship with a captain with a hook for a hand and a crocadile that ticks like a clock. even though wendy was telling her brothers the story they usually involved a girl who was couragous and brave. 

I suppose this story seems very fimilar to you. But this one has a  twist to it.

Chapter 1 - moving in

Wendy and her family had just bought a new house in london. She and her brothers were excited to see their new bedroom, they all had to share one room as the house only had 3 rooms, one for her mother and father, one for her and her brothers and her fathers study. the house was grand and decorated perfectly, everything fit in. 

On their second night wendy noticed that there was a loose floor board near her bed.

 " John! Michael! come here and see this. look the floor board is loose. I say after mother has put us to bed we see what is underneath it. agreed?" said wendy.

"agreed" John and Michael replied.

So when their mother put them to bed they waited until the door was closed and the footsteps had reached the bottom of the stairs. They turned the light back on and crept slowly to the loose floor board.

" do you have anything we could get it up with?" john asked michael and wendy.

" I might do" replied wendy, she walked over to her drawing desk and pulled open one of the drawers. she turn back to her brothers and knelt down. she had got a ruler, so she slid it in the crack and slowly lifted up the floor board. All three of them gasped at the same time.

"what is it?" Michael asked as he went to touch it when wendy slapped his hand away. 


"be quiet!" said wendy " and dont touch it, you dont know what it is"

"its some kind of glass sphere" said john. 

The ruler in wendy's hand had slipped out and hit the glass sphere, within an instant the orb twinkled with light. 

"amazing... i think i see something inside it." said john

"what how can you possibly-" 

"look!" john said to wendy pointing to the forest in the glass sphere.

Wendy picked up the ruler from beside the glass sphere trying not to touch it. 

"how do we get it to stop glowing?" she asked

"maybe you should drop your ruler on it again" Michael replied cluthing on to hig teddy in fear.

"okay..." wendy said lifting up the ruler but this time she lifted it higher than the last time"one.. two..three" 

It seemed to happen in slow motion, as soon as the ruler hit the glass sphere the room dissapeared. They were in the forest that they had seen in the sphere.

i know its a short first chapter but the next one will be longer :)

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