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"I'm just a problem that doesn't want to be solved."

               - Novocaine, Fall Out Boy

"So what's going on with you and Agent Carter?" I ask Steve while we sit in wait outside the Hydra facility.

His eyes widen and he looks like he's struggling to speak. "W-What are you talking about? Nothing, nothing is goin-going on."

"Hold that thought." I stop him and break through the trees. I tail behind a supply truck and tos in my staff before hoisting myself into the back.

Once I'm in I notice two Hydra soldiers sitting in the back as well. "Uhh, hi." I smile.

The two of them leap forward, but I'm faster and I use my staff to whack one of them in the head and he falls out of the back. I hit the other one in the leg and he falls to his knees. I stand up and walk around him and kick his back so he's shoved from the car as well.

After a moment Steve hops in. "Took you long enough."

"I tripped over the first guy." He explains.

"So what are you waiting for?" I ask.

"Waiting for what?" He says confused.

"It's pointless to lie when I can read your mind Steve. You obviously like her."

The truck stops and another Hydra soldier opens the fabric flap to the back of the truck. Steve grips his shield before thrusting it forward in his face, knocking him several feet from the truck.

I jump out of the truck with Steve behind me and I grab his arm and pull him behind the building and behind some crates. "Can we talk about this later?" He pleads.

"Why not now." I say climbing on top of a tank. "We're most likely gonna die here anyway." I stand up and hop onto the roof of the building. I wait for Steve and pull him up with me.

"We're not gonna die." He says ridiculously.

"Look who turned into the fortune teller?" I turn around and knock on the closest door.

"What are you doing?" He says panicked.

"Knocking. You think the door is just gonna open itself?" I say. The door opens and a Hydra soldier sticks his out his head. I slam the door against his head then Steve slams his shield into his face as well.

I sneak through the door cautiously and duck behind some kind of machinery. We wait for more soldiers to walk by before running out and sneaking behind more equipment.

I keep my eyes wide open for more soldiers but Steve steps out and picks something up off the table. "We're not here for souvenirs Steve." I say annoyed. He quickly pockets whatever he picked up and follows me down an empty hallway.

I look down at the floor and there are dozens of men in cages below us, and two guards patrolling. I dash into the room and charge towards one of the guards. He sees me coming and fires what looks like a blast of blue energy at me.

I drop to the floor and slide across the floor between his legs. I tightly hold my staff above my head and his feet come down with me. He falls over and bangs his forehead on the concrete floor, knocking him out.

I stand up and Steve has taken out the other guard and is pickpocketing him for keys.

"Who are you suppose to be?" One of the soldiers ask.

"Captain America." Steve huff's.

I quickly jump down to the level below and start opening all the cages. Once they're all open I haven't seen Bucky at all. I jog back over to Steve desperately hoping he found him. I find him and he's opening the last cage.

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