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How Did I Ever Get to Know You?

14 June 2012

"Oh my God! Hurry, Hwang! The game's about to start!"

I carried all my fangirling paraphernalia frantically as I squished through and through in this swarm of people. Gosh, it's getting crazy in here. And noisy.

"Jisoo-ah! Wait for me!"

She's my friend who is also one of my kind (the ones who scream-and-shout-and-let-it-all-out when-you-see-them-boys). But they're not just any boys, though. They're our boys. I'm sure you get the idea.

Ah, I have one best friend, and her name's Winter Jeon. We practically live in the same house and we treat each other as, well... sisters. (That's why she always has that freedom to hit me whenever I tease her or use some of her things without permission, etc.)

She doesn't know about this fangirling thingy, honestly.

Even though we're both on the same school, she doesn't even bother to look at the schools gossip and things like that online page (which is basically made up of my face plastered around articles because of my job) and she doesn't even think twice of going to the school gym (which is my second home because my crushes yes, that is with an -es, stay there most of the time).

She lives in the library. Ah, if she's not there, she also stays under the cherry blossom tree located on LSMU's study field. Aside from me, she has books as her close friends. *insert a heavy sigh please*

She'll go nuts once she finds about this, so I'm not planning to tell her anything regarding me and my job-slash-second life as a fangirl.

"Yah, the game's already started! HANSOL~ PLEASE MARRY ME!" Jisoo shouted on the top of her lungs. I breathed, getting ready to do what she's doing too right now.

I was just going to join and support Jisoo to cheer for Hansol (who is apparently her ultimate crush, bias, or whatever you call it), because the boy I have crush on to the most right now is Nam Joo Hyuk, one of the swimmers of the school's swimming team.

"Ellie, you fangirl over Johnny Seo too, right?"

"Yeah. He's the second in my bias list, wae?"

"Then join me here! We need to support them, this game's semi-finals already!"


And just like her, I opened the large banner that I have in my hands which I personally created, btw. I shouted as loud as I can, "JOHNNY! I LOVE YOU, PLEASE WIN THIS GAME, OKAY?"

➹ ➹ ➹

Just like my usual habits, I left a gift on Joohyuk's locker. I sighed. Do you know the feeling that you want to be noticed, but you also don't want to be noticed? I mean, just like me. I want to be noticed by Joohyuk, but I don't want him to see me giving these secret gifts to him.

Why won't I have a love life? Ugh. Winter has even had a boyfriend once, why couldn't I have one, too?

"Ellie-ah!" I looked at Jisoo who ran towards me, crying.

"W-wae? Why are you crying? What's wrong?"

"Hansol... he..." She said between sobs, "...he dumped me, Ellie. He said he doesn't like me, and girls like us are not his type."

"What do you mean by 'girls like us'?"


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