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Jai brooks imagine

You and jai have been best friends since you were 13 and he was 16 you guys have known each other for 10years but once you turned 13 jai and you became very close you spent almost every second together. Know he's 18 and you're 16 still best friends but you are developing A bigger crush on him almost every day you fall harder for him. You were at his house it was in the afternoon and schools out for the summer. You were in the pool with beau, Luke and jai was changing you were very confident most of the time not overly annoyingly confident just confident. You were very fit had abs thigh space and I nice upper package (if you know what I mean(;) you were fit because you loved all sports and you and the brooks always went to the gym together and screwed around anyways you had a tiny pink strapless bikini on. You and the boys were screwing around and jai came out finally he had his swim trunks on and you could see his perfectly cut abs nice arm muscles and all! You felt like you were going to melt and Luke whispered in your ear "eh I think you are drooling so close your mouth" you started blushing like crazy Luke knew you really liked jai and he said he knew how jai felt but he wasn't going to tell you. Jai jumped into the water making a splash and he came over to you and picked you up and screamed "chicken fight" beau and Luke agreed. After you and jai kicked ass in that fight and you both were kinda burnt on your face and shoulders. You went in around 10:30pm! And you got some aloe and you were rubbing it on your back and you missed a spot "here let me help you"jai said. "Ok" you replied. He touched your skin it sent shocks of electricity through your body and you were trying to hide how bad you were blushing.... *later that night at 12:45am* jaiiiiiiiiiii you whined as he was sitting on you because you may have stuck some ice cubes down his shirt. "Oh my god jai I can't freaking breath. Goodbye world goodbye" you say over dramatically. Jai just laughed and got up and sat you on his lap "y/n I need to talk to you about something but I'm kind of nervous" jai said in your ear and lead you in his bedroom he sat you on his bed and grabbed your hands and said....." Y/n I love you not as a friend well yeah I love you as a friend but I want us to be more I want you to be mine I love you with my whole heart it hurts to think you aren't mine yet" you sat there with a tear in your eye slowly rolling down your cheek and you were smiling jai wiped your tear away and said "so will you do me the honor of being my girlfriend?" You nodded and he kissed you slowly and so deep boom fireworks everywhere. You fell asleep in jais arms that night. You woke up in one of jais t-shirts and it was the one he was wearing before so he fell asleep shirtless and just in his boxers jai saw you where up and kissed your neck and said "goodmorning beautiful" your heart fluttered at those words. And you replied "morning". You. Both went downstairs and skip came in just as you entered the kitchen "oh shit " you mumbled did I forget to mention skip is my older step brother? Oops... He doesn't like me being around his "clique" he always said I was to young to hang with them but u didn't really care I filmed there videos so I kinda had to be there. "Why are you shirtless and why is y/n wearing your shirt jai" skip said angrily "well....." "Shut up y/n" skip said "jai answer the question" skip yelled. "Y/n is my girlfriend now and we had like a kind of a sleep over" skip just walked out the door he doesn't really like me that much he isn't the best brother but ya know... You just stood there almost about to cry cause you knew when you went home your stepmother would yell at you and probably make you breakup with jai and say your to young. Jai came over to you and hugged you with his arms around your waist and yours around his neck he kissed your neck softly and said "don't worry about him babe" "it's not him it's my stepmom you know what she will say"you replied. He just hugged you tighter." Jai I should go home" you said "I'll take you home" he said You nodded. You lived like 5minutes down the road you and jai walked hand in hand. You got home and you said "jai thanks but I should tell my step mom alone I'll text you after ok" he said ok and kissed you sweetly on the lips and left. You walked in the door to be ment by 8suitcases "wow who is moving out?" You said skip came down and said "you idiot" "wait what? Why the heck are you doing this!" You snap at him. "Mom said if your dating my friends you aren't welcomed in our house now" he said you ran out side and you saw jai jogging down the road "hey babe you left your phone at my house" he said you looked up at him your face was red and you were crying uncomfortably t-t-hhan-ks you stutter he picks you up and sets you on his lap and you both sit on the ground "baby what happened" he asked. "S-s-she k-k-icked me out of h-house" you sobbed. "Oh baby don't worry you can move in with us" "really jai"you ask "yes of course" he said you smiled and thanked him "let's get your bags now" he said you got all of your stuff and avoided your stepmom. Your dad remarried after your mom died of a heart attack at only 30 and then a year later after he got married to this monster you call a stepmom he mysteriously died... I bet it was that witch! You snap out of your thoughts and unpack your stuff at jais thankfully there house is huge they have 3 extra bedrooms. So you got one of the master bedrooms you and jai are gonna share it so you both are moving your stuff in it you can't help but smile because he is just so perfect for you. You can't count how many times you thanked Gina and jai, Gina has been like a mother to you ever since the incident...you loved her for that. You and jai were laying on your bed together just watching tv when the two idiots (beau and Luke) decided to jump onto your bed and screamed "no noises if you know what we mean" they said while wiggling there eyebrows jai groaned you laughed "get out you arse" said jai.

-next day-

You wake up and look at the clock and it's 10:30am jai is still sleeping you tryto get up and realize that jais arms are wrapped around you holding you close to him you decided you'd lay there with him until he woke up but as soon as you snuggled closer to him he was up and was kissing your neck you giggle and say " morning jai" he smiles and says " goodmorning baby" he kisses you and you both get out of bed and head downstairs together and of course jai decides to give you a piggyback ride down their spiral staircase your laughing and jai is to. All of a sudden Luke screams "shut up I'm trying to sleep idiots" you giggle and jai laughs you go in the kitchen and start making some eggs and bacon you put the bacon on the pan and the grease splashed up and burned you on your arm "ouch son of a bi-" jai came in and said "babe what happened" "nothing I just burnt my arm on the bacon grease" you reply "are you okay?" Jai asked concerned "yeah it just hurt really bad" you say. Jai took your arm and kissed where the bacon grease burnt you, you smiled. You and jai continued cooking breakfast you both ate breakfast and you were both laying on the couch when Luke came and decided he'd sit on your lap "ugh Luke your fat get off" you say "oh so you call this fat." He says while holding his shirt up and revealing his six pack "please Luke you've only got a six! Jai has eight I think we all know who's bigger" you say jai started laughing his butt off and Luke just sat back down on you. Luke is like a big brother to you so you both can banter with each other and take no offense to it. It was around 2:44pm and someone knocked on the door you said that you'd get it so you got up and opened the door to see it was Skip.... "Erm uh jai your friend is here" you say awkwardly "wh--ohhhh! What do you want skip?" Jai says obliviously mad "well I uh umm I came to see beau!" Skip said "well your not welcomed here so uh buh-bye!" Jai said as fake and happy as possible "thanks but you don't have to kick your best friend out because of me" you say a little sad " if he hurts someone I love and care so much about he is not even a friend to me or the others" jai says and kisses you on your head since your only 5'2 and he's 5'7 he's taller then you it's these moments that are just perfect he makes you feel like your worth something and that your loved.

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