Chapter 40: Sorry

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Song of the chapter is "Sorry" by the great Queen Bey.


Derek was right. I did feel better in the morning.

Although, sleeping in a bed that still had Ethan's scent on it made my heart throb a little in the morning. The pull twisted slightly, causing me to curse and resent it. I hated that it had this much control over my emotions, this much control over me. It made me feel like everything was heightened when it came to Ethan, like a balance that would easily tip.

I was drinking some coffee in the kitchen and nibbling on some toast when Evangeline knocked on the door gently then opened it. "Can I come in."

I nodded and smiled at her. "Always, there's coffee?"

"Oh no, I already had two earlier, but thanks," she said as she walked over to me. She rubbed her cheek against mine while seemed to calm my beast and lift her spirits a bit. She liked the red headed female; she felt more than a friend to her, she felt like a sister.

She walked around the island and sat across from me with a half smile. "Well, last night Ethan came home pissed off and broody, which is pretty typical. He snapped at Evan who kept poking him about you, which eventually resulted in him and Evan having an all out brawl in our backyard that I had to call Jake and Ryder to help me break it up."

I almost dropped my coffee cup on the counter and looked at her with my mouth open. My beast growled lowly. Our male knows better, he had no right to treat his brother that way. "Is Evan ok?"

Evangeline chuckled and nodded. "Evan holds himself well against our brother, he's really the only one besides Thomas and Billy. Some of our more seasoned warriors don't fare so bad also, but anyways yes he's fine and he told me to tell you not to worry about him and that he wants to see if you want to have margaritas with us tonight?"

I smiled a little before it turned into a thin line of worry. "Will Ethan–"

"Nope," she replied cheekily as she popped the 'p.' "It's just you, me, Evan, and Andrea. Jake and Ryder may come too. Ryder is our scouting and today's Jake's turn with Billy so we're not sure. Anyways, Ethan can't sit with us right now because of his dickish behavior."

"You don't even know what happened." I smiled at her with a raised brow but she just shrugged.

She tossed one of her long red french-braided pig-tails behind her shoulder and looked at me with mischievous green eyes. "Doesn't matter. I know my brother, and I know in this case he's probably very wrong."

I nodded into my coffee cup as I took another sip. "He was a dick."

"Well?" she eyed me curiously.

I sighed then proceeded to recap the events from the previous night to which most of her comments included things like; 'That asshole!'; 'What a little shit!'; 'Pussy.'; 'Ball-less bastard!'

I couldn't stop laughing and I was thankful. It was good to feel the joy of laughter when the pull between us was still dully throbbing with pain. I sighed to her while she thought a bit. She looked at me with hopeful eyes that even gave my cynical mood a some hope. "Well, first with Amber, there's only so much you can do. You're not pack or you could totally challenge her."

I raised my brow a bit and mused. "Might not be a bad idea, I mean, I guess I am sort of staying here after all."

Evangeline grinned wickedly before nodded. "Just don't rush it, think it over ok?"

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