Chapter 11

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Violets Pov.

I told Kyle. He was upset and I should of known. I was feeling upset so I called Devon. He sounded as if he was sleeping but said I could come over. I pack some clothes and drove to his house.
I called him once I got there and he met me outside.

"Violet. Babe what's wrong?" he said placing his hands on my hips as we walked onto his couch.

"I'm fighting with my room mate." I lied. I kept lying to him but I didn't want to tell him about Kyle.

"I'm sorry. You're always welcome to stay here. Do you want anything to drink?"

"Lets get drunk." I joked.

"Okay." He said going to the kitchen.

"I was kidding." He ignored me while he got a bottle of vodka and whiskey. Along with shot glasses.

"Are you sure?"

"I was kidding but hell you already have it out." He handed me a shot of vodka. I took and drank it. The liquid burning my throat as it went down. I didn't want to be hammered or anything but Devon was getting pretty drunk and was all over me.

"Devon no." I said.

"Come on violet. I always wanted you."

"Stop I mean it." He wouldn't stop but instead he got on top of me and was holding me down planting sloppy kisses all over my face and neck.

"Stop now." I cried out. He soon was taking my shirt off along with my bra. I was trying to kick him off but he wouldn't move an inch.

"Stop!" he covered my mouth as he took the remaining of clothes I had left off. He unbuckled his pants and then he slammed himself against me. I cried. I bit his hand.

"What the fuck!" he said grabbing his hand. I punch him in the stomach and then I ran off of him.

"Stop violet." He said walking towards me. He pushed me against the wall. His grip was more tighter. And this time he got one of his socks. Gross. And tied it around my mouth. I was crying more and more. When he was finished I fell to the ground. I felt sick and I wanted to puke. He went into the bathroom to clean himself up. I got my clothes. I didn't even care I just put on my pants and shirt and shoved everything else in my bag. When I opened the door he was standing there

"Where are you going?" I ran. He ran behind. I got into my car. He opened my door and drug me out of my car.

"Where are you going?" he cried.

"Stop Devon we are done. I'm done with you."

"What the fuck!" he punched the side of my car.

I manage to get into my car I locked the doors as he was banging on them and yelling. I quickly drove home.

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